People & Landscapes, Madagascar 1997

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angrecum orchid close
ankarana deep forest
baby panther chameleon
black lemurs
Bluenose chameleon
blue-nosed chameleon
blue-nosed chameleon 2
bminima chameleon gum
bminima gum close
Borwn lemur
brookesia closeup
brown lemur
brown lemur
brown lemur2
Brown Lemurs
camo chameleon
camo gecko tree bark
chameleon arm
chameleon hand
Chameleon perinet
chameleon tongue action
Chameleon tree trunk
colorful chameleon
colorful chameleon2
dancing sifaka
day gecko
Day gecko ground
day gecko ground
female black lemur
female black lemur close
female black lemur close2
female black lemur post
female black lemur wall
female black lemur wall2
female black lemur3
female lemur3
forest creek
forest stream
Golden Mantella
happy chameleon
indri 1
indri 2
indri distance 1
indri distance 2
indri head profile
Madagascar erosion 01
Madagascar erosion 02
Madagascar erosion 03
Madagascar erosion 04
Madagascar forest creek
Madagascar forest mining
Madagascar forest pool
Madagascar riverbed
male black lemur close
male black lemur closeup
Male black lemur mango
Male black lemur tree
mama ringtail closeup
mantella 1
mantella belly
mantella belly hands
maurice guide
misc chameleon
mosy mangabe
nosy komba panther cham
orange flowers
orange panther chameleon
oustaletts chameleon
parsons chameleon
parsons chameleon2
perinet hut
perinet moth
pitcher plant
rhett atop car
rhett atop car2
rhett feeding sifaka
rhett lemur group
rhett lemur group2
rhett lemur group3
rhett lemur group4
rhett lemur group5
rhett mama ringtail
rhett mama ringtail2
rhett mama ringtail3
rhett mama ringtail4
rhett mama ringtail5
rhett ringtail group
rhett ringtail group2
rhett ringtail group3
rhett ringtail group4
rhett ringtail lemur
rhett ringtail lemur2
rhett tsingy
ringtail lemur
ringtail lemur tree
ringtail lemurs feeding
ringtail profile
Sifaka closeup
Sifaka face closeup
Sifaka face closeup2
strangler fig
tomato frog burrow
tree frog
tsingy close
tsingy distance
tsingy landscape
uroplatus closeup
Uroplatus leaf
Uroplatus screen
uroplatus tail up
verreaux sifaka
verreaux sifaka closeup
verreaux sifaka1
verreaux sifaka2
verreaux sifaka3
verreaux sifaka4
village woman black lemurs
yellow trees forest


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