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Opportunities for Rainforest Research in the Field | Opportunities for Tropical Fish Research in the Field

Earthwatch Institute is a nonprofit organization that engages people worldwide in scientific field research and education to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment.

Earthwatch offers volunteers short-term opportunities for directly assisting scientists in their field research. These are expeditions for ongoing research projects confronting critical, current issues, run by qualified and respected members of the scientific community. In some cases, Earthwatch volunteers work in areas inaccessible to tourists; pristine regions that only researchers are allowed to enter. Most projects are 10-14 days long, but there are also one-week, three-week, and weekend opportunities available.

Australia's Vanishing Frogs
Surveying Australian frogs and their habitats for clues to the amphibians' worldwide decline

Biodiversity of the Grenadines
Surveying the ecological resources of undeveloped Caribbean islands to plan for sustainable tourism

Cameroon Rainforests
Documenting rare plants to protect a tropical cradle of diversity

Mangroves of the Kenyan Coast
Determining how to restore ecosystem dynamics through mangrove reforestation

Mexican Mangroves & Wildlife
Restoring and conserving mangrove ecosystems to benefit wildlife and local communities

Puerto Rico's Rainforest
Testing the effectiveness of a new forestry method that could provide local income while conserving the rainforest

Rainforests of Northern Australia
Tracking the habits of seed-dispersing animals to predict the ecological impact of species loss

Rare Plants of Kenya
Recording the botanical diversity of one of Kenya's most-threatened ecosystems to ensure its conservation

Restoring Costa Rica's Rainforest
Conducting a large-scale reforestation experiment to develop strategies for restoring tropical forests

Restoring Vietnam's Forests
Gathering baseline data on forest ecology to restore native tree species

Carnivores of Madagascar
Tracking the habits of rare and little-known species to ensure their survival

Ecuador Forest Birds
Investigating the ecology of birds to save them and their dwindling tropical forest habitat

Forest Caterpillars
Exploring caterpillar defenses to better preserve rainforests

Lemurs and Forests of Madagascar
Studying the effects of catastrophic forest disturbance in Madagascar on threatened lemurs

Macaws of the Peruvian Amazon
Collecting data on endangered macaws to help increase their numbers in the wild

Madagascar's Lemurs
Using biology to save rare and endangered lemurs and their vanishing rainforest habitat

Malaysian Bat Conservation
Documenting bat diversity to help save a 30-million-year-old rainforest

Tanzanian Forest Birds
Monitoring rainforest bird populations to determine the impact of forest fragmentation

Climate Change in the Rainforest
Understanding species patterns to predict the impact of climate change on biodiversity

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