Some text about Mekong dams and maybe a photo. Some text about Mekong dams and maybe a photo. Some text about Mekong dams and maybe a photo. Some text about Mekong dams and maybe a photo. Some text about Mekong dams and maybe a photo. Some text about Mekong dams and maybe a photo.

  • Bees bring honey and hope to a forest reserve in Nigeria

    Image of a honeybee by Andrea Fabiani Ph via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0).YELWA, Nigeria — Nightfall at the Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve field station is clad in the whispers, chirps and trills of insect song. Flames from the burning wood in the fire pit pierce the darkness as flashlights held by field assistants and patrollers reveal a river of fog flowing over the surrounding grassland and tree […]

  • To reverse deforestation and protect biodiversity, build a bioeconomy in the Amazon (commentary)

    Artistic rendering of a forest shaped like a brain. AI-generated.Teaming with tropical rainforest, the Amazon Basin is a vital defense against global warming. Yet deforestation combined with extreme weather are behind the region’s worst drought in fifty years. Forest clearance to make way for cattle and soy are disrupting micro-climates. Warmer temperatures, spurred on by El Nino, are reducing rainfall and drying out plants and soil. As […]

  • Summit on migratory species sides with science, throws shade on deep-sea mining

    A whale shark with remoras.Migratory species that travel long distances in the ocean, including sharks, turtles and dolphins, face an unprecedented number of threats resulting from human actions. At the latest assembly of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS), representatives of governments made a series of decisions aimed at protecting migratory marine species, […]

  • New funding boosts AI-enabled wildlife identification project in Australia

    A Boodie (Bettongia lesueur) and a Bilby (Macrotis lagotis), two Australian marsupials.In 2019, the conservation nonprofit Australian Wildlife Conservancy started developing an artificial intelligence model to identify animals in camera-trap images. Since then, despite limited funding and resources, the team has managed to train the model to recognize 44 species, from native dingoes, kangaroos and woylies, to introduced predator cats and foxes. Now, thanks to a […]

  • Colombia adds hundreds of species to list of threatened flora and fauna

    The number of threatened species in Colombia is much higher than previously thought, after officials carried out a study to reevaluate the state of the country’s flora and fauna. The Ministry of Environment updated a list of threatened species in Colombia for the first time since 2017, adding hundreds of species facing a wide range […]

  • Hong Kong as a reef fish haven? These scientists want to get the word out

    An anemone fish in Hong Kong's coral reefs.Kamy Yeung said she wanted to do more scuba diving. So in 2014, she signed up to be a volunteer diver for a newly launched reef fish survey project in Hong Kong. The experience changed everything she knew about the underwater world. “Like many other Hong Kongers, I was under the impression that we don’t […]

  • Megafires are spreading in the Amazon — and they are here to stay

    “When I see the rainforest burning, I know what I’m really seeing is Amazonia dying. I see that fire and, as a scientist, I know how much that hectare will lose in terms of individual lives, how much carbon will be emitted and how much the process accelerates climate changes,” states Erika Berenguer, a Brazilian […]

  • Agrochemicals take a big toll on Global South, new Atlas of Pesticides shows

    Brazil tops the list of the countries that import and consume the most pesticides in the world. At the end of 2023, Bill 1459/2022, known among environmentalists as the “Poison Bill,” was approved, making the use of pesticides more flexible throughout the country. More than 3,000 agrochemicals are registered in Brazil today, a figure that […]

  • Activists urge Australia to end lucrative links to Myanmar junta’s mines

    Pro-democracy activists have urged the Australian government to crack down on domestic companies involved in Myanmar’s mines, saying these firms are funding human rights abuses and environmental destruction carried out by the country’s military junta. In statements marking the anniversary of the February 2021 coup that overthrew the Southeast Asian country’s elected government led by […]

  • Low implementation of land use maps in Andean countries affects conservation outcomes and agricultural productivity

    Land-use maps and their explicit recommendations are most relevant on pioneer landscapes that are in the flux of change. Recommendations can provide sound information and support an expanding agricultural production system; more often, however, they are ignored in a frenzy of land speculation. This is, unfortunately, the case in Bolivia, Peru and Colombia. Bolivia One […]

  • Controversy brews over proposed dam on Kathmandu’s Bagmati River

    Bagmati River flowing through Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu.KATHMANDU — The Bagmati River, coursing through Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, has transformed into a sewer canal in recent decades, with untreated raw sewage discharged into its waters. Officials are now drafting plans to rejuvenate the sacred river, which also passes through the revered Pashupatinath Temple, by building a dam 95-meters (311 feet) tall to collect […]

  • With drop in illegal fishing comes rise in piracy, study in Indonesia finds

    JAKARTA — The Indonesian government’s efforts to tackle illegal fishing in its vast waters have had the unintended consequence of driving an increase in maritime piracy, according to a new study. The decades-long campaign against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing is aimed at cracking down on activities that cost the country billions of dollars […]

  • Land use planning helps advance conservation in Brazil

    Regulating land tenure is not the only power available to the state for influencing how people use land. Land-use planning and land-use zoning are two closely related mechanisms that Pan Amazonian nations wield to foster sustainable development on their forest and agricultural frontiers. Like policies governing infrastructure, agriculture and land tenure, these technical programmes have […]

  • Landslide in Philippines mining town kills nearly 100, prompts calls for action

    A rescue team rescuing pets after the aftermath of the landslide.Activists demand corporate and government accountability after a massive landslide struck a mining town in the southern Philippines on Feb. 6, claiming nearly 100 lives and affecting more than 7,000 people. Following nonstop heavy rains that began Feb. 2, a devastating landslide struck Masara, a gold mining village with more than 1,200 residents, at 7:30 […]

  • Scientists now know how the Brumadinho dam disaster happened, and the lessons to learn

    A torrent of mining waste killed nearly 300 people when a tailings dam at Vale’s mine in Brumadinho collapsed in 2019.In January 2019, a dam holding back mining sludge at the Córrego do Feijão iron ore mine in Brumadinho, southeastern Brazil, collapsed. Around 10 million cubic meters (2.6 billion gallons) of the liquefied waste, or tailings, burst out of the dam, flattening nearby settlements, destroying a railway bridge, sending a surge of toxic mud into […]

  • Tech to recover rainforest: Interview with Osa Conservation’s Carolina Pinto & Paulina Rodriguez

    A Geoffroy's spider monkeyFor Carolina Pinto and Paulina Rodriguez, the story of the Osa Peninsula embodies one of hope. The diverse rainforest ecosystem in Costa Rica, home to plants and animals seen nowhere else on the planet, had been subjected to destruction and deforestation for decades. But since the 1970s, Rodriguez says, the peninsula has seen a slow […]

  • Indonesia to offer tax perks to companies investing in reforestation of its new capital city

    Jokowi visiting the location of Indonesia's new capital Nusantara with the Governor of East Kalimantan in 2019.BALIKPAPAN, East Kalimantan — As the Indonesian government embarks on a massive push to reforest the area around the country’s new capital city in Borneo, it is turning to the private sector in hopes that investors will help supply the labor and capital needed for the program. In 2022, President Joko Widodo, popularly known as […]

  • Hydropower in doubt as climate impacts Mekong Basin water availability

    Mekong RiverShifting monsoonal climate patterns that affect the availability of water in the Mekong River Basin are raising questions among experts about the sustainability of hydropower as a long-term energy solution in the region. This was a major point of discussion at a recent online dialogue, hosted by the U.S.-based Stimson Center, in which regional experts […]

  • Can ecotourism protect Raja Ampat, the ‘Crown Jewel’ of New Guinea?

    Raja Ampat on the Bird’s Head Peninsula of far northwestern New Guinea is often called the “crown jewel” of the region. This equatorial archipelago contains probably the world’s greatest concentration of marine biodiversity due in part to a huge network of marine protected areas covering more than 20,000 square kilometers (7,700 square miles). On this […]

  • What principles should define natural climate solutions? A new study has some answers

    A woman in Indonesia harvesting purun grass.Following a litany of conferences and calls that stress the urgency to address climate change, there’s growing interest and investments in nature to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Protecting and restoring natural ecosystems, such as forests, grasslands, wetlands, farmlands and oceans, could remove at least 10 gigatons of CO2 per year by 2050, according to […]