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Biography pages for some past and present Mongabay interns
  • Adam Andrus
  • Andrew Mann
  • Akhila Vijayaraghavan
  • Alexander Holmgren
  • Ariel Mark
  • Bobbie Edwards
  • Bradley Fessenden
  • Brandon Allen
  • Brittany Stewart
  • Christina Pham
  • Claire Salisbury
  • Chris Samoray
  • Darren Lloyd
  • Erica Santana
  • Hannah Lindstrom
  • Jemma Smith
  • Jenny Issacs
  • Jordanna Dulaney
  • Lacey Avery
  • Liz Devitt
  • Liz Kimbrough
  • Michael Rudolph
  • Mrinalini Erkenswick Watsa
  • Natalie Millar
  • Nicholas Barrett
  • Nika Levikov
  • Owen Reynolds
  • Patricia Oneill
  • Paul Sutherland
  • Phyllis Sena
  • Sandhya Sekar
  • Shreya Dasgupta
  • Tanya Dimitrova
  • Tom Handley
  • Zach Fitzner

    Biography pages for past and present Mongabay translators
  • Chiara Zordan
  • Chimene Doffenies
  • Consuelo Cardozo
  • Daniel Contreras
  • Daniela Dold
  • Emilio Constantino
  • Francesca Rubino
  • Gabriele Mark
  • Gustavo Lorenzana
  • Jaime Moreno Tejada
  • Jasmin Lewis
  • Jiang Chun
  • Julie Richard
  • Julieta Sapienza Era
  • Lidia Banos Gallegos
  • Luciane Gasperis
  • Lucie Guignard
  • Lyse Kapche
  • Natalia Steckel
  • Noele Belluard Blondel
  • Nolwenn Gaudin
  • Paola Donati
  • Regina Garitano
  • Valeria Lauriola
  • Wendi Setia Permana
  • Yang Xing has a six-month internship program with a variety of potential projects involving social media, writing, editing, programming, translation, and funding-raising. Internships are currently unpaid, but interns are free to use mongabay as a reference on their resume or CV, as well as resume workshops, Q&As with Mongabay staff, and other opportunities. We may also be able to offer you a letter of recommendation and a biography page depending on your degree of involvement. Internships are virtual — you can work from home or wherever you feel most productive. Usually the commitment for this internship is 8-10 hours per week for six months.

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