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Introduction to the Native American culture of the South American Xerente Indians

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NATIVE-L (December 1994): SEJUP:Brazil-Indians Assaulted Over
Previous article: hrdesk@igc.apc.org: "SEJUP:Brazil-Military Rape of Indian Women".

NATIVE-L (December 1994): Indians assaulted in Brazil
Previous article: Milt Shapiro: "Repression in Chiapas". Newsletter n. 143

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...[eng]. Select site, The Xerente Indians - English URL: http://indian-cultures.com/

Native American Indian and Indonesian baskets
Sorry, temporarily out of Guahibo baskets. Xerente Indians [more about the

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Xerente or Sherente Indians __ A brief overview plus map and links. - From

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Ticuna - Tucano ( Tukano ) - Uros - Wai Wai - Waimiri-Atroari - Warao - Wayana-Aparai -

Miracema do Tocantins
Hammocks, fish nets and sculptures are part of local art crafts along with Xerente

Indians in Tocantins
...are to be found in Tocantins: the Karaja, the Apinajé, the Krahô, the Xerente, the

Presidential Candidate Already Defining His Indianist Policy
ROADS AND THE XERENTE INDIANS Because the paving of two roads that cut the lands

Indian Lands Continue to be Cut by Roads
One of the most recent cases involves the Xerente Indians, in the state of Tocantins,

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Recently, for example, when the Apinayé’s lands were threatened by colonist intrusions,

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In the two cities most often visited by the Xerente - Miracema and Tocantínia -

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Indians. Piapoco Indians, Ticuna Tribe, Kayapo Tribe. Piaroa Indians,

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The indians by the time of discovery. ... Kaxinawa; Kraho; Macuxi; Pataxo; Potiguara;

CTI - Centre of Service for the Indigenous Peoples
Organization of project to self-damarcate Apinajé territory with the help of 140


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And the Xavante were not just any Indians. They ... expeditionaries. Only their

MBEAW: Brazil: Indigenous Peoples

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...[eng]. Виділити ?айт, The Xerente Indians - English URL: http://indian-

Judgement of accused of Tikuna massacre. Tocantins: Karajá and Xerente Indians attacked.

Línguas indígenas brasileiras

Vocabulários e dicionários de línguas indígenas brasileiras ...

1994 Human Rights Report: BRAZIL
Xerente Indians in Tocantins successfully stopped the state government from

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Friends of the Earth: Press Release: More Cases of Indian Deaths ...
...the Earth that these examples are by no means a comprehensive record of violent

Friends of the Earth: Press Release: NEW REPORT CONFIRMS ILLEGAL ...
Battering/16.09.94/Xerente/TO-Gurupi/Valdir Xerente. ... is not comprehensive as they

The Xavante Indians of Brazil reach out in the struggle for their ...
IDETI works with the Xavante Indians of central Brazil whose lands ... the Karajá, Krikati,

Definition of Indigenous people of Brazil
Agriculture. At some point, Brazilian indians developed or learned the technique

BBC News | AMERICAS | Boom time in Brazil
The Indians are not going to be flooded out, but Domingos Xerente, a

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...[edit]. Agriculture. At some point, Brazilian indians developed or learned the technique

Valdes, the local Funai-chief, a Xerente indian, brings us with his motorlaunch

Indigenous people of Brazil
...with agriculture. The indians by the time of discovery. By the ... Terena; Ticuna; Xacriaba;

Brazil indigenous people
Txukahamâi, Urubus Kaapor, Xacriabá, Xambioá, Xavante, Xerente, Xokléng, Xukuru ... Canela

Reinaldo Morales Jr., Ph.D. Dissertation - Conclusion
...have specific hunting or warfare implications, such as the Xerente name-giving ... very

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...indigenous people,Xacriaba Indigenous People Xapuri,Xerente Indigenous People

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...had obtained permission from the National Foundation for the Indians to study a ... Pataxo

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R. R.Berserker; Ra Glai; Rais; Ramapough Mountain Indians; Rappahannock - of the

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...a genocidal miner during the Gold Rush era Yurok Indians: Kinfolk of ... Tikuna) Parakana

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The Xavante Indians of the Mato Grosso plateau of central Brazil live ... Karajá, Krikati,

Julie M. Proulx
...them à ended up killing government messengers and missionaries -4,000 Indians live

Endangered Language Research in the Netherlands: Program
Um estudo tipológico sociolingüístico dos Xerente: questões de vitalização. ... to declare

Cap. 30 - Tocantins-Xingu

Regional Consultations
Lageado. TO. Xerente. Dams constructed. DAM. STATE. ... tbl Cachoeira Porteira. PA.