Getting Adware / Spyware off your computer

Removing from your computer

In my other business several people have contacted me with IE problems due to spyware / scumware / adware known as Basically your computer is infected when you download / click on a link that comes through email spam. It adds "" as a prefix to all URLs [automatically redirecting you to] and makes internet browsing very cumbersome. Also associated with are other prefixes like "" "" etc.

The usual anti-adware software doesn't seem to work nor does resetting your homepage, etc. Your browser always redirects your to

The problem stems from an HTML application file that is installed in your Fonts folder. This file has a .hta file extension and is responsible for resetting all your registry settings after you've re-booted your computer. The file is written in VB-Script and the intent of the program is probably to both steal your personal information [credit card numbers, bank accounts, etc] and get you to click on sponsored links.

Steps to fix infestation:
1) Find "fonts.hta". Do a search on all files that have that have a ".hta" extension or look in your Fonts folder in your Control Panel or Windows Folder for a font called "fonts.hta".
2) Delete "fonts.hta" file
3) Do an entire search of your registry by using this string:
You can search your registry with programs found at Most of these programs offer free 30-day use. 4) Delete every registry key value you find that contains this string [You may have to use the "replace" function to do this]
5) Reboot your computer. 6) If you still have problems with redirects you may have to repeat step 3 using the other strings ["" "" etc] that give you trouble.

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***DISCLAIMER*** is not responsible for any damage you may do to your system while trying to eliminate The previous is merely a suggestion and does not constitute technical advice.

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