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Clare Emily Raybould, Translation Coordinator for, graduated in 2005 from the University of Hull with a BA Honors degree in Hispanic Studies and addicted to the buzz, culture and environment of South America, discovered during a year spent there as part of the course she has dedicated the last 5 years of her life to working towards returning. Professionally working for InterserveFM during this time, she began in the admin department and worked her way up the ladder to managing a Sustainability department on a significant contract and in 2008 she won the prestigious UK Young Manager of the Year Award. Outside of work she has put a lot of focus and passion into realizing her passion for environmental issues by volunteering for NGOs and charities and trying to raise awareness through writing and other methods of communication and in 2010 she realized her dream of returning to SA by spending 3 months in Brazil researching sustainable development and investigating best practices and corporate accountability. As part of this trip she worked at the Iracambi Research Centre in the Atlantic Rainforest for a one month period and managed a reforestation project and developing a marketing and communications strategy to raise the profile of their cause.

At the end of 2010 Clare decided to combine her passion for languages, writing and sustainability by moving forward from InterserveFM and embarking on two business ventures – Accountability Now and Love Language Services.

Accountability Now ( is a consultancy intended to support businesses small and large to raise their green reputation, reduce their environmental footprint and increase their bottom line via high quality, tailored accountability services. Love Language offers Spanish tuition and translation in Portuguese, Italian, French and Spanish, as well as location for translators to chat, ask questions and share ideas.

Clare will also dedicate more time to Mongabay – writing and coordinating a growing group of translators, so that the website's message is spread far and wide and the quality and quantity of translated articles continues to go from strength to strength. With the proceeds from her new business ventures she also intends to head back to South America in 2011 to volunteer for an important cause – benchmarking species in the Amazon rainforest.

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