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Vietnamese language resources

Vietnamese is spoken on a daily basis in: Hong Kong SAR, Cambodia, Norway, Viet Nam

Encyclopedia resources on Vietnamese
Vietnamese language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vietnamese language edition of Wikipedia Wikibooks has more about this subject: Vietnamese Learning Vietnamese in Vietnam Linguistics, Vietnamese language and more... Online Vietnamese Reading Program (ASU) ...

South Vietnam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Việt Nam Cộng Hòa Coat of Arms ( In Detail ) (Link) Official language Vietnamese Capital Saigon Last President Duong Van Minh Last Prime Minister Vu Van Mau Area  - Total  - % water 173,809 km² N/A Population ...

Vietnamese alphabet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the current writing system for the Vietnamese language . It is based on the Latin alphabet , with some digraphs and the addition of nine accent marks or diacritics — four of them to create additional ...

Vietnamese people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Language: Vietnamese Religion: Predominantly Confucian and Mahayana Buddhist (esp. Pure Land sects, and some Zen -inspired syncretists); with Roman Catholic , Protestant , Hoa Hao and Cao Dai minorities ...

Chinese language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...system of diacritical marks to indicate the tones, as well as modified consonants. Vietnamese language has mixed with multiple elements similar to Cantonese in regard to the specific intonations and ...

Vietnam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...mountains of north central Vietnam and speak a Mon-Khmer language closely related to the Vietnamese language. The Khơ-me Crôm (Khmer Krom) live in the fertile delta of the Mekong River in southern ...

Vietnamese - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia anything that originates from Vietnam . It may refer to more than one article: The Vietnamese language , the most widely spoken member of the Mon-Khmer languages The Vietnamese people , the dominant ...

Vietnamese dong - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1985, the đồng was further revalued, with the new đồng worth 10 old đồng. In the Vietnamese language, đồng can be used as a generic term for any currency by adding the country name as a ...

Chu nom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...words that have found their way into the Vietnamese language by borrowing. These loanwords are written with the original Chinese character ( hán tự ). Example: 味 vị "flavour" (Mandarin wèi ), 年 ...

Tone (linguistics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...of Tai-Kadai languages; note that Khmer, which is genetically related to Vietnamese, is not a tonal language. In many languages, phonation distinctions of initial consonants are lost, with vowels after ...

Academic resources on Vietnamese
Language & Culture available in a Unicode version for Win2000, XP, and other Unicode-aware systems. The Vietnamese characters will display properly under such systems. Click on "Language" for further ...

Yamada Language Center: Vietnamese Guide
Good place for Vietnamese culture links and GREAT for software. Vietnamese Language and Culture - with links to Vietnamese Software and other resources ...

Yamada Language Center: Vietnamese Fonts
Several styles of fonts capable of reproducing the Vietnamese diacritic system. Contains both TrueType and bitmapped fonts. Download Viet-Tang Fonts (131k) For Macintosh VISCII Fonts VISCII is a ...

Vietnamese Language Program
Vietnamese is the official language in Vietnam and is spoken by about 80 millions people in Vietnam and about 2 millions living oversea. This web site provides information ...

Vietnamese Students Association [University of Michigan] for those of Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese descent. Through numerous activities focusing on the celebration and exposure of Vietnamese culture, VSA hopes to provide the necessary ...

Harvard Vietnamese Association
WELCOME TO HARVARD VIETNAMESE ASSOCIATION'S WEBSITE The Harvard Vietnamese Association is dedicated to fostering an awareness of Vietnamese culture on campus and within the Greater ...

Vietnamese Language Patient Information
NSW Health Department Multicultural Health Communication Service Vietnamese Community Health Promotion Program AIDS/HIV AIDS/HIV - Your Questions Answered (Department of Human ...

Lesson table of content
...install the VNI Vietnamese font and set your browser to use it. Instructions for this and other languages and fonts are given here . If you do this, you may need an older browser ...

Yamada Language Center: Vietnamese Mailing Lists
...g.: subscribe VAEF-MEM John Doe VIETNET The Bitnet feed for the soc.cuture.vietnamese newsgroup on USENET - In Vietnamese & English. Very active. List Server: [email protected] To subscribe, send ...

Vietnamese Student Association at Indiana University Bloomington
...on and off the IU campus. We never stop striving to provide opportunities for Vietnamese as well as non-Vietnamese individuals. Through various cultural activities/events, VSA hopes to build a ...

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Government resources on Vietnamese
CIA - The World Factbook -- Vietnam
...armed forces were withdrawn following a cease-fire agreement in 1973. Two years later, North Vietnamese forces overran the South. Despite the return of peace, for over two decades the country ...

FCIC - Multilanguage Gateway
...and Osteoporosis: A Guide for Asian Women Aged 50 and Older British Broadcasting Corporation: Vietnamese (BBC) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Hepatitis • Hepatitis B and You ...

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Vietnamese documents are available in two formats: VNI and Unicode . Return to Home Page

CDC - Influenza (Flu) | Cover Your Cough
Vietnamese Chinese Tagalog FLYER (8½" x 11") 95 KB/1 page 96 KB/1 page 99 KB/1 page 246 KB/1 page 93 KB/1 page POSTER (11" x 17") 144 KB/1 page 144 KB/1 page 88 KB/1 page 243 KB/1 page — ...

EPA: Aging Initiative
PDF, 2 pp., 83 kb, About PDF Files ) , Spanish (PDF, 2 pp., 356 kb, About PDF Files ) , Vietnamese (PDF, 2 pp., 107 kb, About PDF Files ) , Haitian Creole (PDF, 2 pp., 75 kb, About PDF Files ) Korean (PDF ...

CDC | Bão
Vietnamese) B? Các Sản Phẩm Tẩy Rửa và Hóa Chất Khác NEW! Nov 1 (102 KB/1 page) (Hurricane Flyer "Getting Rid of Cleaning Products & Other Chemicals") Giết Sạch Mầm Bệnh Bằng ...

Child Care: Resources
Free and Reduced Price Application Materials English or Vietnamese Building for the Future (notification to parents about CACFP and its benefits) - PDF File ...
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Cover 1
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EEOC Publications Order Form
...with Disabilities Act - A Guide for People with Disabilities Seeking Employment - Spanish Vietnamese Employment Rights of Immigrants Under Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws - Vietnamese Filing a Charge of ...

".org" resources on Vietnamese
Vietnamese language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...has more about this subject: Vietnamese Learning Vietnamese in Vietnam Linguistics, Vietnamese language and more... Online Vietnamese Reading Program (ASU) VDict : Vietnamese online dictionaries Ethnologue ...

Open Directory - World: Vietnamese
...only in World/Vietnamese Top : World : Vietnamese (796) Description FAQ ?ịa phương (130) Doanh nghiệp (236) Gia đình (0) Giải trí – Tiêu khiển (7) Khoa h?c (2) Mua sắm (3) Nghệ thuật (68 ...

VNPF: Chu Nom Vietnamese English Electronic Dictionary
...devoted to preserving ancient Chữ Nôm texts and creating a free electronic English to Vietnamese to Chữ Nôm dictionary     Hội Bảo tồn Di sản Nôm 會 ? 存 ? 産 喃 Tiếng Việt Nôm Lookup ...

Vietnamese - Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron ...
Vietnamese Xhosa Zulu US 1-800-722-1733 Taiwan 0011 8862 8770 5075 Denmark (45) 33 73 66 66 To Order | Home | Related Sites | The L. Ron Hubbard Bookstore | Order Dianetics

Vietnam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Vietnamese, which means that the percentage of ethnic Vietnamese in the total population is slowly decreasing year after year. According to official figures, at the 1979 census the ethnic Vietnamese ...
Your browser does not support frames. We recommend upgrading your browser. Click here to enter the site. - Vietnam Network the FIRST Vietnamese community on the Internet since 1986 as the original VietNet mailing list. The system was retired, when the group created USENET:Soc.Culture.Vietnamese. Today, this server ...

Vietnamese Myths
...origin of the Vietnamese Race: The Dragon and the Fairy Instead of speculating, however, let us turn to a myth that all Vietnamese are familiar with, the myth of origin of the Vietnamese race. THE HONG ...

FreeBSD Ports: Vietnamese
Production (Legacy) Release: 5.4 Snapshot Releases Ported Applications FreeBSD Ports: Vietnamese Ported software for the Vietnamese market. vi-aspell-0.60.4_1 Aspell with Vietnamese dictionaries Long ...

Vietnamese Refugees
The Vietnamese comprise the largest population of Southeast Asian refugees to have settled in the United States. With their American-born children, they number approximately 995,000. Most of them come ...

Commercial resources on Vietnamese

Vietnamese (ti?ng Vi?t, or less commonly Vi?t ng?[1]), formerly known under the French colonization as Annamese (see Annam), is the national and official language of Vietnam. It is the mother tongue of Vietnamese people (ngu?i Vi?t or ngu?i Kinh), who constitute 86% of Vietnam's population, and of about three million overseas Vietnamese, the bulk of whom are Vietnamese Americans. It is also spoken as a second language by some ethnic minorities of Vietnam. It is part of the Austroasiatic language family, of which it has the most speakers by a significant margin (several times larger than the other Austroasiatic languages put together). Much vocabulary has been borrowed from Chinese, and it was originally written using the Chinese writing system. The Vietnamese writing system in use today is an adapted version of the Latin alphabet, with additional diacritics for tones and certain letters.


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