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Tamazight language resources

Tamazight is spoken on a daily basis in: Morocco

Encyclopedia resources on Tamazight
Berber languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Interview with Karl-G. Prasse (source) Libyamazigh Page about Libyan culture with Tamazight language section. Writing Berber Languages http://www ...

Tarifit language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...language From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. (Redirected from Tarifit ) Jump to ... own speakers simply call it thamazighth , or Tamazight , a term also often applied in a broader sense ...

North Africa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...their original language, and speak Arabic . Far more Tuareg Berbers speak Tamazight, an Afro-Asiatic language; but they, too, have been Arabized culturally, though to far a lesser extent than have the ...

Algeria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Muslim but identify with their Berber rather than Arab cultural heritage, and speak the language of Tamazight . [1] The nomadic Touareg community that resides in southern Algeria is also of Berber origin. ...

Averroes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
بن محمد بن احمد بن احمد بن رشد or just Ibn Rushd . In modern Tamazight (the language of the Almohad kings) it would be Muḥemmed mmis n Ḥmed mmis n Muḥemmed mmis n Ḥmed mmis ...

Morocco - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...which exists in Morocco in three different dialects ( Tarifit , Tashelhiyt , and Tamazight )-- either as a first language or bilingually with the spoken Arabic dialect. French , which remains Morocco's ...

Arab world - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...organization defines as Arab, a person whose language is Arabic, who lives in an Arabic speaking ... exclusively on Berber languages such as Tamazight . In Morocco the Berbers form about 40% - 55% of the ...

List of languages by number of native speakers - Wikipedia, the free ...
...ordered by number of first-language speakers , with some data for second ... 13 million (all varieties) Tamazight Afro-Asiatic , Berber , Northern National language in Algeria ( Kabyle ), Morocco . Significant ...

Arabic alphabet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...many other languages belonging to language families other than Semitic , the family Arabic belongs to ... Tamazight and other Berber languages were traditionally written in Arabic in the Maghreb . There is now ...

Grammatical gender - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tamazight (Berber) Tajiki Persian Ukrainian Urdu Welsh Yiddish [ edit ] Two genders/noun classes [ edit ] ... En R. Asher (ed.) The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics , Oxford: Pergamon Press, pp. 1347 ...

Academic resources on Tamazight
Euromosaic -Berber (Tamazight) in Spain
Berber (Tamazight) in Spain xx-xx-xxxx Institut de Sociolingüística Catalana Version française Berber (Tamazight) in Spain Introduction ...

The Amazigh Voice
Tamazight The Newsletter of the Amazigh Cultural Association in America P. O. Box 1763, Bloomington, IL 61702, USA. The Amazigh Voice is a quarterly publication of the Amazigh Cultural Association ...

UT - MENIC: Social Science: Linguisics and Languages: Tamazight ...
MENIC does not maintain these sites, and is not responsible for their content. Berber (Tamazight) in Spain - background on the geography and history of the language and modern usage. Tamazight Language ...

UT - MENIC: Site Map
Tamazight (Berber) Lanaguage Terrorism Travel Turkish Lanaguage Water Women Yezidism Zoroastrianism Search WWW Search MENIC Copyright © 1994 - 2004. Center for Middle Eastern Studies , The University of ...

Euromosaic - Le berbère (tamazight) en Espagne
Le berbère (tamazight) en Espagne xx-xx-xxxx Institut de Sociolingüística Catalana English version Le Berbère (tamazight) en Espagne ...

Berber Language Page - Handbook of African Language Resources (ASC ...
...researched for this project are: Kabyle (Taqbaylit), spoken in northern Algeria; Tamazight (Berber), of central Morocco; and Tuareg, the indigenous name of which varies according to ...

The Amazigh Voice: Dec-March 1995-1996 Issue
The Amazigh Voice - Taghect Tamazight Vols. 4-5, Nos. 3-1, December 1995 - March 1996 Contents Editorial Letters The High Commission for Amazighity by Nora Akrouf Chronology of the Major Events ...

How "Berber" Matters in the Middle of Nowhere (Morocco, Tamazight and ...
...know as “Berbers?) have been fighting against this, arguing that the Berber language (Tamazight) deserves a more prominent place in Moroccan history and some consideration in educational policy ...

Yamada Language Center: Language Guides by Geographic Location
Tamazight Turkish Other (Constructed or Fictional) Esperanto Ferengi Klingon Lojban Romulan Tolkien Languages Back to top Hours / Contact Info | Services | Facilities | News and Events | Catalog Self ...

The Amazigh Voice, June 1995
Reflections on the Amazigh Consciousness in Morocco An Essay By Ahmed El Asser Talking about Tamazight and Imazighen is a very long story. It reminds me of the stories my mother and grandmother used ...

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Government resources on Tamazight
Berber Branch
...the term "Tamazight" which is often used instead, particularly with reference to Northern Berber languages. However, "Tamazight" also refers to a ...

Peace Corps Kids World -- Morocco
Languages spoken by Peace Corps Volunteers in this country: Arabic French Tamazight Tashelheet The Peace Corps has been active in this country: 1962-1991; 1991-Present Average number of Peace ...

Peace Corps | Learn About Peace Corps | Where Does Peace Corps Work ...
Arabic, French, Tamazight, Tashelheet     Sources   Read our privacy and freedom of information policies.

Algeria (11/05)
...own regional affairs. In October 2001, the Tamazight language was recognized as a national language, but the issue remains contentious as Tamazight has not been elevated to an official language. ...

Morocco (07/05)
...speak Berber--which exists in Morocco in three different dialects (Tarifit, Tashelhit, and Tamazight)--either as a first language or bilingually with the spoken Arabic dialect. French, which remains ...

July 2005 Quiz
...spoken only in Nigeria. 5. Which of these languages is NOT tonal? a. Somali b. Oromo c. Hausa d. Tamazight (correct answer) 6. On which script is the Coptic alphabet based? a. Etruscan b. Greek (correct ...

...books related to Tamazight and Amazigh culture, during the year the Government began to print schoolbooks in Tamazight, through the introduction of a Tamazight curriculum in Tamazight-speaking ...

VOA Pronunciation Guide

...approval, and there have been difficulties once these books have reached Customs. Arabic and Tamazight translations of non-Islamic texts are increasingly available, but the Government periodically has ...

USA Freedom Corps:
...completed 11 weeks of intensive training in the Berber language dialects of Tashelhit and Tamazight, in Arabic, and in cross-cultural communications skills. They also received technical training ...

".org" resources on Tamazight
Tamazight Language
...of the Tamazight language, please visit... Introduction: The Tamazight-speaking minority in Libya, including all of those who speak variations of Tamazight ...

Berber languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...and Maarten Kossmann and Harry Stroomer of Leiden University . The term Tamazight is often substituted, particularly to refer to Northern Berber languages ; in Western languages, this term can also ...
Lexique Francais-Tamazight (French-Tamazight Lexicon ) by Arav Benyounes $15 Tagrest Urghu by Amar Mezdad. Fiction/ Ungal. $10 Tazelmat ...

Lexique Francais-Tamazight (French-Tamazight Lexicon ) by Arav Benyounes $15 Tagrest Urghu by Amar Mezdad. Fiction/ Ungal. $10 Tazelmat ...

::x:: tamaZirt blog ::x:: » Le Petit Prince translated into Tamazight
...into Tamazight language in Morocco by Lahbib Fouad, who is a researcher in Royal Institute of the Amazigh Culture (IRCAM). Fouad noted that the translation from French into Tamazight language raised ...

The JESUS Film Project +++ STREAMING +++
Tamazight, Central Atlas Tamil Tampulma Tangale Tarafit/Rif Tarahumara Baja Tarahumara, Central Tarok Tatar Tausug Tboli Tchien-Krahn Teke, Central Telugu Tem Teochew Tera Tetun Thai Thai, Northern Tharaka Tharu, Saptari ...

The following are the next ACAA events on the calendar. Please find additional event information on our Member Events page and through the links below. ...

Fonts in Cyberspace
Tamazight Tamil Tatar Telugu Thai Tibetan Tolkien Turkic Turkish Turkmen Ugaritic Ukrainian Urdu Uzbek Vietnamese Yakut Yi Archives Miscellaneous Unicode Word Processors Language List, text version Other font resources SIL ...

UniLang Community
Tamazight) Bosnian (Bosanski) Breton (Brezhoneg) Bulgarian (Българ?ки) Burmese (မ္ရန္မာ) Cantonese (广东?) Cashubian (Kaszëbsczi) Catalan (Català) Cebuano Chechen ...

NITLE Arab World Project
...their language, Tamazight (the language also referred to as Berber). With colonization the French tried to exploit this division in policies that sought to divide the Tamazight-speaking communities ...

Commercial resources on Tamazight

The Berber languages (or Tamazight) are a group of closely related languages mainly spoken in Morocco and Algeria. A very sparse population extends into the whole Sahara and the northern part of the Sahel. They belong to the Afro-Asiatic languages phylum. There is a strong movement among Berbers to unify the closely related northern Berber languages into a single standard, Tamazight.

Among the Berber languages are Tarifit or Riffi (northern Morocco), Kabyle (Algeria) and Tachelhit (central Morocco). Tamazight has been a written language, on and off, for almost 3000 years; however, this tradition has been frequently disrupted by various invasions. It was first written in the Tifinagh alphabet, still used by the Tuareg; the oldest dated inscription is from about 200 BC. Later between about 1000 AD and 1500 AD, it was written in the Arabic alphabet (particularly by the Shilha of Morocco); in this century, it is often written in the Latin alphabet, especially among the Kabyle. A variant of the Tifinagh alphabet was recently made official in Morocco, while the Latin alphabet is official in Algeria, Mali, and Niger; however, both Tifinagh and Arabic are still widely used in Mali and Niger, while Latin and Arabic are still widely used in Morocco.

After independence, all the Maghreb countries to varying degrees pursued a policy of "Arabization", aimed primarily at displacing French from its colonial position as the dominant language of education and literacy, but under which teaching, and use in certain highly public spheres, of both Berber languages and Maghrebi Arabic dialect have been suppressed as well. This state of affairs was protested by Berbers in Morocco and Algeria - especially Kabylie - and is now being addressed in both countries by introducing Berber language education and by recognizing Berber as a "national language", though not necessarily an official one. No such measures have been taken in the other Maghreb countries, whose Berber populations are much smaller. In Mali and Niger, there are a few schools that teach partially in Tamasheq.


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