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Serbo-Croatian language resources

Serbo-Croatian is spoken on a daily basis in: Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Macedonia

Encyclopedia resources on Serbo-Croatian
Serbo-Croatian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...official languages in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia Shtokavian dialect [ edit ] External links Serbo-Croatian language edition of Wikipedia Wikibooks has more about this subject: Serbo-Croatian Ethnologue – 15th ...

Croatian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...agreement" on the basic features of unified "Croatian or Serbian" or "Serbo-Croatian" language was signed by all eight participants (including Mikloši?). Karadžić's influence on Croatian standard ...

South Slavic languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Iyekavian dialects, but on Ikavian. This language is spoken in Italy , not in Balkans . Serbo-Croatian language was official language in Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia . It had four official ...

Bosnian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...the river "Vltava", 'l' is syllabic) as well as lj , m , n and nj in jargon . [ edit ] See also Serbo-Croatian language Differences in official languages in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia [ edit ] External links Bosnian ...

Serbian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia one of the standard versions of the Štokavian dialect (former standard was known as Serbo-Croatian language). Serbian is used primarily in Serbia and Montenegro , Bosnia and Herzegovina and by Serbs ...

Glavna stranica / Главна ?траница - Wikipedia
...slobodnu enciklopediju koju svako može uređivati. Wikipedia je slobodna enciklopedija na više od 100 jezika. Broj ?lanaka na srpskohrvatskoj Wikipediji u ovome momentu je 2,226 . Svi dokumenti u ...

Differences in standard Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian - Wikipedia, the ...
...socially and politically diverse group of speakers. After the breakup of Yugoslavia , the Serbo-Croatian language, that was defined as the common and unified language of Serbs , Croats , Bosnians and ...

Romansh language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...about half the size of Switzerland's largest community of speakers of a non-official language, Serbo-Croatian with some 111,000 speakers. Contents 1 Sociolinguistics 2 Standardization 3 Phonology 3.1 Consonants ...

Dialect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...because the two countries oscillate from being brotherly to being bitter enemies. The Serbo-Croatian language article deals with this topic much more fully. Parallel examples abound. Macedonian ...

Slovenian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...some words crept into the language from Serbo-Croatian , being used even by some good authors, for example by Josip Jur?i? , who wrote Deseti brat (The Tenth Brother) the first novel in Slovenian ...

Academic resources on Serbo-Croatian
Yamada Language Center: Serbo-Croatian WWW Guide
Just what the name says. (pdf file) Serbo-Croatian - Quite a few links about language and culture BosNet - Sit with lots of info on language, culture, news and ...

Yamada Language Center: Serbo-Croatian Mailing Lists
Serbo-Croatian Mailing Lists search our site [ List index ] [ Serbo-Croatian language Guide ] [ Guide index ] [ Yamada home page ] BosNet Contact: [email protected] BosNet is a group/forum run by volunteers ...

Serbo-Croatian Electronic Dictionaries
Serbo-Croatian Electronic Dictionaries A draft of Serbo-Croatian Car-mechanic Dictionary, yuscii text file ( * ) Basic vocabulary list Serbo-Croatian ->Polish 1, 1-1500 out of 4500 most frequent words ( * ) ...

Why Study Serbo-Croatian
Why Study Serbo-Croatian Serbo-Croatian is a great language to learn because: It's held in small, informal classes. Students receive a lot of individual attention. Class ...

24 Languages - health information in multiple languages - Serbo ...
Click on the images below. Right-Click on and choose "save target as" to download recording. SERBO-CROATIAN: PDF RM QT WM MP3 Chickenpox - 12/1998 download Hepatitis B - 07/2001 download Polio - 01/2000 download ...

UCLA Language Materials Project Language Profiles Page
The historical, cultural, and social roots of the language, a map showing where it is spoken, basic ... To search for language resources, select a language, material type, and level from the menus below ...

The Serbo-Croatian Sensation
The serbo-croatian sensation... Welcome. Bienvenue. Dobrodošli. What's New: you taking charge: even my handwriting, its characteristics, even the sand grains in my notebooks--finding in those pages lost ...

Serbo-Croatian Computing Information (Penn State) the 1990's into the different republics, linguists and Yugoslavians referred to the "Serbo-Croatian " language which had regional differences. After the breakup, it was decided by the ...

Serbo-Croatian. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Courses ...
Serbo-Croatian Unit Name: Slavic Languages and Literature Acting Head of Department: Maurice Friedberg Department Office: 3092 Foreign Languages Building, 707 South Mathews, Urbana, 333-0680 ...

Serbo-Croatian. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Courses ...
Serbo-Croatian Unit Name: Slavic Languages and Literature Interim Head of Department: Richard Tempest Department Office: 3092 Foreign Languages Building, 707 South Mathews, Urbana, 333-0680 ...

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Government resources on Serbo-Croatian
Phonology (“h? instead of “v? or “j?): From Serbo-Croatian reading passages , by Slavna Babi ƒ , 1975. “The consonant ‘h’ may be used instead of the constants [sic] ‘v’ or ...

Search Results - NTIS Search
Serbo-Croatian - Basic Course, Units 26-50 (Audiocassettes and text). Multimedia. AV007978AE00; Year : 1996; Serbo-Croatian - Basic Course, Units 1-25 (Audiocassettes and text). Multimedia. ...

Catholic Human Development Outreach Grand Rapids (616) 248-3030 Bosnian (Serbo-Croatian language), French, Spanish, Vietnamese Catholic Services of Macomb Imlay City Romeo (810) 724-3835 (586 ...

Foreign Language Collection
Serbo-Croatian Shona Sinhalese Spanish Swahili Swedish Thai Turkish Twi Vietnamese Yoruba Help | Contact Us | Site Index | Privacy Policy | Quality | Disclaimer U.S ...

South Slavic Languages
...common phrases in Macedonian. Serbian The languages known as Serbo-Croatian were widely spoken in the former Yugoslavia, counting as many as 20 ...

Foreign Language Collection
Serbo-Croatian Shona Sinhalese Spanish Swahili Swedish Thai Turkish Twi Vietnamese Yoruba Help | Contact Us | Site Index | Privacy Policy | Quality | Disclaimer U.S ...

Food Stamp Informational Materials in Other Languages
Serbo-Croatian Chinese (simplified) Italian Somali Chinese (traditional) Japanese Spanish Croatian Khmer Tagalog English Korean Thai Farsi Kurdish Turkish French Laotian Urdu Greek Lithuanian Vietnamese Haitian-Creole ...

Forms and Records Management Services
Serbo-Croatian , Spanish Word , Spanish , Tagalog , Tigrigna , Thai , Turkish , Urdu , Vietnamese 03-387A Notice of Privacy Practices for Client Confidential Information without ...

Foreign Newspapers Currently Received - Newspaper and Current ...
Serbo-Croatian (Cyrillic) Serbo-Croatian (Roman) Slovak Slovenian Spanish ... - Languages
Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Navajo, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh Integrated Food ...

".org" resources on Serbo-Croatian
Serbo-Croatian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...has more about this subject: Serbo-Croatian Ethnologue – 15th edition of the Ethnologue (released 2005) shows changes in this area: Previous Ethnologue entry for Serbo-Croatian Ethnologue 15th Edition ...
Serbo-Croatian Talking Dictionary with 128K Bilingual Business Organizer This is a talking dictionary with ...

Talking language translators. Serbo-Croatian - Electronic ...
Serbo-Croatian Talking Dictionary with 128K Bilingual Business Organizer This is a talking dictionary with ...

If you have a document written in Serbo-Croatian and you need to have it professionally translated into English , please contact: Damjanovski, Nela Certified Translator (Serbo-Croatian to English) ...

Kurdish Interpreters /Translators
...oral interpretation: from Kurdish to English, and English to Kurdish during confidential interviews with persons detained in prisons, ICRC institutional dissemination, message delivery and visits to ...

Serbo-Croatian language Serbo-Croatian Srpskohrvatski Jezik South Slavic language that is the native language of most speakers in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia. It ...

Agricultural Legacy of Serbo-Croatian Community
Agricultural Legacy of Serbo-Croatian Community by Ross Eric Gibson W hen the former Yugoslavia bleeds, Watsonville aches. The war is far away, in a region smaller than the state of Oregon. But it ...

Croatian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Unification and separation with Serbian 6 A note on Serbo-Croatian 7 Phonology 7.1 Vowels 7.2 Pitch accent 7.3 Consonants 8 Current events 9 References 10 See also 11 External links 11.1 Language history 11.2 General links ...

Serbo-Croatian proverbs - Wikiquote time cut. (Measure thrice, cut once.) Retrieved from " " Category : Proverbs Views Article Discussion Edit History Personal tools Log in / create account ...

English-Serbo-Croatian-English electronic dictionaries. Serbo-Croatian ...
German - Greek - Hungarian - Italian - Latvian - Polish - Portuguese - Romanian - Russian - Serbo-Croatian - Spanish - Turkish - Vietnamese - Yiddish - English - Chinese - Japanese - Korean ...

Commercial resources on Serbo-Croatian

Serbo-Croatian or Croato-Serbian (also Croatian or Serbian, Serbian or Croatian) (srpskohrvatski or c????????????? or hrvatskosrpski or hrvatski ili srpski or srpski ili hrvatski), earlier also Serbo-Croat, was an official language of Yugoslavia (along with Slovenian, Macedonian). It was mentioned for the first time by Slovene philologist Jernej Kopitar in a letter from 1836, although it cannot be ruled out that he had become acquainted with the term by reading the Slovak philologist Pavol Jozef afrik's manuscript "Slovansk staroitnosti" ( printed 1837.) Officially, the term was used from 1921 - ca.1993 as an umbrella term (Dachsprache) for dialects spoken by Serbs and Croats, as well as Bosniaks and Montenegrins upon their national recognition. In its standardized form, it was based on tokavian dialect and defined Ekavian and Iyekavian variants called "pronunciations" (unofficially, there were "Eastern" (based on Serbian idiom) and "Western" (based on Croatian idiom) variants. By extension, it also declared Kajkavian and Chakavian as its dialects (while Torlakian dialect was never recognized in official linguistics), but they were never in official use.

With the breakup of Yugoslavia, its languages followed suit and Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian and ultimately Montenegrin came to be described as separate languages (Ausbausprachen). Conversely, the term "Serbo-Croatian" went out of use, first from official documents and gradually from linguistic literature. Today, the name Serbo-Croatian is a controversial issue due to history, politics, and the variable meaning of the word language. Many native speakers nowadays find the term politically incorrect or even offensive. Others, however, especially nostalgic speakers originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, continue using the original language name, as they have studied it at school.

Linguists are divided on questions regarding whether the name is deprecated. It is still used, for lack of a more succinct alternative, to denote the "daughter" languages as a collectivity. An alternative name has emerged in official use abroad Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BHS),

Mutually intelligible forms of it continue to be used under different names and standards in todays Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and are still reasonably well understood in Macedonia and Slovenia.


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