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Nepali language resources

Nepali is spoken on a daily basis in: Bhutan, India, Nepal

Encyclopedia resources on Nepali
Nepali language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Download Nepali Word Processor: Madhyam developed by Balendu Sharma Dadhich Nepali language edition of Wikipedia Retrieved from " " Categories : Pages containing ...

Indo-Iranian languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...language Nepali language Oriya language Pali Punjabi language Romany language - the language of Gypsies Sindhi language Singhalese language Urdu Dardic languages : Dameli language Domaaki language Gawar-Bati ...

Category:Languages - Simple English Wikipedia
List of simple adjectives M Mandarin language M cont. Marathi language N Nahuatl language Nepali language O Official language P Pig Latin Portuguese language Q Quechua R Romance languages Romanian language Russian ...

Urdu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...that are not recognized as separate languages from the language of Delhi. Bengali and Nepali are not considered Hindi because of their long history as literary languages and because of official ...

List of national languages of India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nepali (official language of Sikkim ) Oriya (official language of Orissa ) Punjabi (official language of Punjab ) Sanskrit Santali Sindhi Tamil (official language of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry ) Telugu (official ...

Sikkim - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...the south-east. The Indian state of West Bengal borders Sikkim to its south. The official language is Nepali , and the predominant religions are Hinduism and Vajrayana Buddhism . Gangtok is the capital and ...

Indo-Aryan languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nepali language Palpi language Garhwali languages Garhwali language Tehri language Western Pahari languages Bilaspuri language Pahari-Potwari language North-Western Zone languages Dardic languages Kashmiri ...

Bhutan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...national dress is required of all Bhutanese, even of the recent immigrants from Nepal. Nepali-language education has also been restricted on grounds of national unity. Such policies continue to be ...

Main Page - Wikipedia
...for the creation of a Wikipedia in the Xhosa language , which currently holds 24 articles. If you speak ... Nepali - Nederlands - Norsk - Occitan - Ossetic - Punjabi - Polski - Pashto - Português - Quechua - Românã ...

Category:Indo-Aryan languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nepali language O Oriya language P Pahari languages Potwari language Prakrit Punjabi language P?li R Rajasthani languages Romano-Serbian language Romany language S Sauraseni Sindhi language Sinhala Siraiki language ...

Academic resources on Nepali
Yamada Language Center: Nepali
Can't find it? Self-Study: Nepali Yamada Language Center Holdings Find out what materials are available for Nepali by using the Yamada Online ...

THDL: Nepali Language
Government of Nepal (HMG) in 2001, Nepal is home to around 20 million speakers of Nepali. Nepali is the mother tongue for 11 million people, and a lingua franca for many more. Outside of ...

Digital Dictionaries of South Asia
Education Society's press, 1857. Nepali Schmidt, Ruth Laila. A practical dictionary of modern Nepali . [S.l.]: Ratna Sagar, 1993. 1994. Turner, R. L. (Ralph Lilley). A comparative and etymological ...

A comparative and etymological dictionary of the Nepali language ...
Online version of R.L. Turner's 'A comparative and etymological dictionary of the Nepali language: With indexes of all words quoted from other Indo-Aryan languages' from the Digital Dictionaries ...

Studies in Nepali History and Society ISSN: 1025-5109 Studies in Nepali History and Society began publication in 1996. SINHAS provides an interdisciplinary forum for original research. The journal's ...

Bruce Adcock > Nepali
...collection of useful things in learning Nepali, such as a dictionary and a verb conjugation chart (currently, this is only useful when you’re accessing the dictionary.) In Kathmandu it is December 12 ...

Bruce Adcock > Nepali
...collection of useful things in learning Nepali, such as a dictionary and a verb conjugation chart (currently, this is only useful when you’re accessing the dictionary.) In Kathmandu it is December 12 ...

THDL : Thangmi – Nepali – English Dictionary
Thangmi – Nepali – English Dictionary Thangmi – Nepali – English Dictionary Look up the word: Any Word Thangmi Nepali English Any String To view this page on a Windows ...

Bruce Adcock > Nepali > News
The short i bug fix, meant to correct a problem with most browsers in displaying the Nepali short i, had a bug. When there was a “-’, it would not work. This has been corrected. Go there Last ...

Nepali Dictionary - 420 words and counting
Math 116, Summer 2005 Previous Classes Nepali Dictionary Verb Conjugation News अ आ इ ई उ ऊ ? ? ओ औ क ख ग घ ङ च छ ज ? ञ ट ठ ड ढ ण त थ द ध न प फ ब भ म य र ल व श ष स ...

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Government resources on Nepali
Embassy News U.S. Citizen Services Visas to the U.S. U.S. Policy & Issues Resources Environmental Issues Embassy Highlights AMERICA LEADS WORLD IN FIGHTING HIV/AIDS "Media owners, decision makers, key editors ...

Nepali Authors: The South Asian Literary Recordings Project (Library ...
No Nepali authors have been recorded to date. The Library of Congress intends to include representative authors reading in this language in the future. HOME - About the Project - Copyright and ...

USAID Nepal: Cross-Cutting Mission Initiatives
...and link them to the international market. Partners include two Nepali associations, a private Nepali company, a private Nepali agricultural center, the Government of Nepal, bilateral donors ...

Voyager - Golden Record - Greetings From Earth
Nepali Amoy (Min dialect) Russian German Turkish Mandarin Chinese Marathi Thai Bengali Welsh Gujarati Kannada Telugu Oriya Hungarian Czech Rajasthani If your computer cannot read *.au files, here are a couple ...

U.S. Ambassador's interview misinterpreted by Nepali press
S. Ambassador's interview misinterpreted by Nepali press May 26, 2005 The U.S. Embassy has noted that some newspapers referring to a BBC website story based on an interview, said that Ambassador James F ...

USAID Nepal: Nepali News Sources, Online
News sources Search USAID Nepal: Home Page Programs Administrative Business More Resources Outreach ... Thank you for contacting the USAID Mission in Nepal. We will respond to you within five working ...

Peace Corps | World Wise Schools | Lesson Plans | Teacher Guides ...
...can speak Nepali but with a mid-western accent. My pronunciation is bad. There are many sounds in the Nepali language that we don't have in English. For example there are 2 Ks -- one K is aspirated ...

CIA - The World Factbook -- Nepal
Front Nepal (Rastriya Jana Morcha) [Chitra BAHADUR, chairman]; Nepali Congress-Democratic [Sher Bahadur DEUBA, president]; Nepali Congress or NC [Girija Prasad KOIRALA, party president; Sushil KOIRALA ...

Sanskrit Authors: The South Asian Literary Recordings Project (Library ...
Nepali - Newari - Oriya - Panjabi - Rajasthani Sanskrit - Sindhi - Sinhalese - Tamil - Telugu - Tibetan - Urdu List All Authors: Alphabetically - By Country The Library of Congress >> Overseas ...

S. dollars and Nepali rupees are accepted. Exact change will speed the processing of your receipt. The fees listed below are for Nepali citizens only. If you are not a Nepali citizen, or you are ...

".org" resources on Nepali
Nepali language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Download Nepali Word Processor: Madhyam developed by Balendu Sharma Dadhich Nepali language edition of Wikipedia Retrieved from " " Categories : Pages containing ... :: Index
Sat Dec 10, 2005 8:21 pm nbt Guitar Make requests for certain nepali songs or artists. Submit your tablatures. Nepali Guitar Tabs and chords only. Share your guitar tabs / chords here. Moderator nbt 7 21 ...

THDL: Learning Nepali
Nepali, Nepali-English and Nepali-Nepali dictionaries are on the market, although most are available only in Nepal. Two of the most useful for beginners are Ratna's Nepali-English-Nepali Dictionary ...

Nepali Bibles
This page provides links to gospel resources in the Nepali language. Nepali Bible Nepali is the official language of Nepal. The Nepali New Testament is available to download free online from the World ...

Bilingual printable versions of the Four Spiritual Laws
Nepali Pedi Polish Portuguese Portugese ( Brazil ) Romanian Russian Serbian Setswana Shona Siswati Somali Sotho Spanish (Latin America) Spanish (European) Swahili Swedish Tagalog ...

Bajracharya.ORG - Downloads
Nepali Time Machine Version 2002: Nepali Time Machine is a new Nepali Time Conversion software which gives you Nepali Time, Nepali ...
The Voice of Nepali Diaspora, democracy, human rights, civil liberties in nepal Home Read the Petition Sign the Petition Press Coverage Press Release Rally/Demonstration Research & Publication Seminars ...

NN Society - Welcome
New Years Eve DJ Party Apr 01 Nepali New Year Celebration *TBA Apr 25 Piing Pong Tournament * TBA May 21 NNS Basketball Tournament *TBA May 29 Soccer Tournament * TBA Jul 01 Summer Picnic * TBA Sep 16 NNS Golf ...

GEFONT Nepali Homepage
DaGWfL g]kfnsf] klxnf] j]a;fO6 :jfutd Download Nepali Fon t g]kfn 6|]8 o"lgog dxf;+3 g]kfn 6|]8 o"lgog dxf;+3 ...

Nepal Association of Northern California (NANC)
Community site for Nepali and Friends of Nepal Main Menu · Home · About Us · ByLaws · Contact · Events Archive · Feedback · Forums · Membership · NANC Column · NANC Contributions · Statistics · ...

Commercial resources on Nepali

Nepali (Khaskura) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in Nepal, Bhutan, and some parts of India and Myanmar (Burma). It is the official language of Nepal. Roughly half the population of Nepal speaks Nepali as a mother tongue, and many other Nepalese speak it as a second language.

Nepali goes by various names. English speakers generally call it Nepali or Nepalese (i.e. the language of Nepal).

It is also called Gorkhali or Gurkhali, "the language of the Gurkhas, "and Parbatiya, "the language of the mountains." Khaskura is the oldest term, literally speech of the Khas who were rice-growing Indo-Aryan settlers in the Karnali-Bheri basin of far western Nepal since prehistoric or early historic times. Khaskura exists in opposition to Khamkura, a group of Tibeto-Burman dialects spoken by Kham peoples in highlands separating the Kharnali-Bheri basin from the Gandaki basin in central Nepal.

Then perhaps 500 years ago, Khas peoples migrated eastward, bypassing the inhospitable Kham highlands to settle in the lower valleys of the Gandaki basin suited to rice cultivation. One notable extended family settled in Gorkha, a petty principality about halfway between Pokhara and Kathmandu. Then in the late 1700s a scion named Prithvi Narayan raised an army of Gurungs, Magars and possibly other hill tribesmen and set out to conquer and consolidate dozens of petty principalities in the himalayan foothills. Since Gorkha had replaced the original Khas homeland as the center of political and military initiative, Khaskura was redubbed Gorkhali, i.e. language of the Gorkhas.

Prithvi Narayan's especially notable military achievement was conquest of the urbanized Kathmandu Valley, on the eastern rim of the Gandaki basin. This region was also called Nepal at the time. Kathmandu became Prithvi Narayan's new capital, then he and his heirs extended their domain east into the Kosi basin, north to the Tibetan Plateau, south into the plains of northern India, and west of the Karnali/Bheri basin.

Expansion, particularly to the north, west and south brought the growing state into conflict with British and Chinese territorial ambitions. This led to wars that trimmed it back to roughly Nepal's present borders or less, however both great powers understood the value of a buffer state and did not attempt to reduce the new country further. Since the Kathmandu Valley or Nepal had become the new center of political initiative, this word gradually came to refer to the entire realm and not just the Kathmandu Valley. And so Gorkhali, language of Gorkha, was again redubbed Nepali.

Nepali is the easternmost of the Pahari languages, a group of related languages spoken across the lower elevations of the Himalaya range, from eastern Nepal through the Indian states of Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh. Nepali developed in proximity to a number of Tibeto-Burman languages, most notably Nepal Bhasa, and shows Tibeto-Burman influences.

Nepali is closely related to Hindi but is more conservative, borrowing fewer words from Persian and English and using more Sanskritic derivations. Today, Nepali is commonly written in the Devanagari script. Bhujimol is an older script native to Nepal.

Nepali developed a small literature during the second half of the nineteenth century, which included the Adhyatma Ramayana by Sundarananda Bara (1833), Birsikka, an anonymous collection of folk-tales, and a Ramayana by Bhanubhakta. There were also several translations of Sanskrit works, and a version of the Bible.

See also: Lhotshampa

Examples of phrases in Nepali include:
namaste. ?????? all-purpose Hindu greeting, often translated as "I salute the god within you". Its literal Sanskrit meaning is "your homage" and in common usage simply means "hello" or "goodbye." tapain ko naam ke ho? ??????? ??? ?? ??? - What is your name? (lit. your name what is?) mero naam aalok ho.???? ??? ???? ?? My name is Alok (lit. my name Alok is). timi lai kasto cha? ??????? ????? ?? How are you? khaanaa khaane Thaaun kahaa chha? ???? ???? ???? ???? ?? Where is a place to eat? (lit. food eating place where is?) kaaThmaandu jaane baaTo dherai laamo chha. ???????? ???? ???? ???? ???? ? The road to Kathmandu is very long (lit. Kathmandu going road very long is). nepaalmaa baneko ??????? ????? Made in Nepal (lit. Nepal-in made). ma nepaali ho(n) ? ?????? ??? I am Nepali (lit. I Nepali am). pugyo ?????? That is enough (lit. [it] arrived/sufficed).


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