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Nepalese language resources

Nepalese is spoken on a daily basis in: Nepal

Encyclopedia resources on Nepalese
Nepali language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nepali goes by various names. English speakers generally call it Nepali or Nepalese (i.e. the language of Nepal). It is also called Gorkhali or Gurkhali , "the language of the Gurkhas , "and Parbatiya ...

Nepal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tibetan to the north. Similarities can be observed in the clothing, way of life, language and food. A typical Nepalese meal is dal-bhat , boiled lentils served with rice and usually vegetables. This is ...

UML - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Language User-mode Linux University of Massachusetts Lowell UML also refers to the Communist Party of ... in the context of Nepalese politics . This page concerning a three-letter acronym or abbreviation is a ...

Bhutan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...camps in Nepal, which is likely to complicate any future return of the ethnic Nepalese. The national language is Dzongkha , one of 53 languages in the Tibetan language family. The script, here called ...

Red Panda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...have also been discovered in North America. Its Western name is taken from a Himalayan language, possibly Nepalese , but its meaning is uncertain. One theory is that "panda" is an anglicisation of "poonya ...

Classical music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the English language, the term "classical music" is a homophoric reference to European classical ... or Nepalese classical music Classical Jazz Classical music era Classical rock European classical music ...

Giant Panda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...on the bears exposed to it. [ edit ] Name The name "panda" originates with a Himalayan language, possibly Nepalese . And as used in the West it was originally applied to the Red Panda, to which it was ...

Demographics of Nepal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...the highest mountain peaks in the world. The Nepalese are descendants of three major migrations from ... linguistic heritage evolved from four major language groups: Indo-Aryan , Tibeto-Burman , Mongolian and ...

Sherpa people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...years, many Sherpas have migrated to India . A Nepalese Sherpa and his pack. [ edit ] Native Territory Most ... 300 years ago. Sherpas speak their own Sherpa language which in many ways resembles a dialect of ...

Tibet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tibetan areas") is used. However, Chinese-language versions of pro-Tibetan independence websites ... There was also a Nepalese mission in Lhasa remaining from a similar invasion by Nepal in 1855 . Early ...

Academic resources on Nepalese
Nepalese Student Association @ Virginia Tech
Nepalese Student Association Welcome to NSA Online Welcome to NSA Online - the website of the Nepalese Student Association at Virginia Tech! NSA-VT strives to foster and provide exposure of all ...
New ordinance rouses the Nepalese media Search Tips and Archives » East Asia Southeast Asia South Asia Pacific Islands United States The World New ordinance rouses the Nepalese media The new media law ...

AsiaMedia :: New ordinance rouses the Nepalese media
New ordinance rouses the Nepalese media Search Tips and Archives » East Asia Southeast Asia South Asia Pacific Islands United States The World New ordinance rouses the Nepalese media The new media law ...

Nepalese Student Association @ Virginia Tech
Nepalese Student Association Sunday, October 30. 2005 Thank You Dear All, I would like to thank you all on behalf of NSA for all your contribution and hard work at the "Dasain Party" last night. Special ...

Nepalese Student Association @ Virginia Tech
Nepalese Student Association News Nepalnews Nepali Times Kantipuronline BBC Nepali Service Nepal-US Links Nepalese Embassy in US Permanent Mission of Nepal to UN US Embassy in Nepal Fulbright Commission in ...

Nepalese Student Association @ Virginia Tech
Nepalese Student Association Nepalese Hokies Title LastName FirstName Degree Department Grad_Date Mr Dangi Resham B. M.Sc. Forestry 2000 Dr Shah Sanjay Bikram Ph.D. Biological Systems Engineering 2000 Mr Shah Binay M.Sc. ...

Nepalese Student Association @ Virginia Tech
Nepalese Student Association Current Board Members Mr Sajan Sharma (President) Mr Anjan Gnyawali (Vice-President) Mr Tirtha Timsina (Secretary/Treasurer) Dr Devi R Gnyawali (Faculty Advisor ...

AsiaMedia :: This Turbulent Monarchy: Nepal and the Shah dynasty
...was cautious; he refused, in principle, to deploy the Nepalese Army against them because he did not want to ask the Nepalese Army to kill Nepalese citizens. The political parties were by and large too ...

Nepalese Student Association Homepage
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the nepalese economy
Nepalese rupees per US dollar - 74.129 (January 2001), 71.104 (2000), 68.239 (1999), 65.976 (1998), 58.010 (1997), 56.692 (1996) Fiscal year: 16 July - 15 July information ...

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Government resources on Nepalese
CIA - The World Factbook -- Bhutan
Bhote 50%, ethnic Nepalese 35% (includes Lhotsampas - one of several Nepalese ethnic groups), indigenous or migrant tribes 15% Religions: Lamaistic Buddhist 75%, Indian- and Nepalese-influenced ...

CIA - The World Factbook -- Nepal
In 1951, the Nepalese monarch ended the century-old system of rule by hereditary premiers and instituted a cabinet system of government. Reforms in 1990 established a multiparty democracy within the ...

...ethnic Nepalese say they were frequently denied security clearance forms, which is a prerequisite for obtaining a passport form and which was biased against ethnic Nepalese. The ethnic Nepalese said ...

Plant Profile for Microstegium vimineum (Nepalese browntop)
Trin.) A. Camus var. imberbe (Nees) Honda More Information About Nepalese browntop « Back to Top » © Image generated using gd 1.8 Plant Distribution by ...

Plant Profile for Polygonum nepalense (Nepalese smartweed)
Nepalese smartweed « Back to Top » Introduced Information: Polygonum nepalense Meisn. This plant is introduced to the United States from another country or ...

Conviction of Former Nepalese Prime Minister
Office of the Spokesman Statement by Sean McCormack, Spokesman Conviction of Former Nepalese Prime Minister The United States is disturbed by the July 26 conviction in Nepal of former Prime Minister Sher ...

USAID Telling Our Story: Nepal, Nepalese Farmers Expand Marketing ...
Nepalese Farmers Expand Marketing Reach 40,000 families benefit from USAID project on improved and innovative farming Challenge Nearly 80 percent of Nepal’s people rely on agriculture for their ...

International Adoption Nepal
...on the Nepalese side should be addressed to a foreign legal counsel. Nepalese Travel Document Once adoptive parents obtain the adoption decree, they will also need to obtain ...

...ethnic Nepalese "voluntarily emigrated" at that time. Some of those expelled are petitioning for the right to return, although none has yet returned. More than 100,000 ethnic Nepalese continued to ...

Department of State Washington File: Text: U.S. Condemns Slaying of ...
The United States has condemned the murder of 12 Nepalese nationals by a militant group in Iraq and extended its condolences to the Nepalese government and people as well as the families of the ...

".org" resources on Nepalese
Nepal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...greater pan-Indian state, an attitude that has caused Nepalese antagonism towards India. In 2005, after King Gyanendra took over, Nepalese relations with India, the US, and the UK have worsened. These ...

Royal Nepalese Embassy, Tokyo
Royal Nepalese Embassy, Tokyo 7-14-9 Todoroki Setagaya-ku Tokyo 158-0082, Japan Tel: 03-3705-5558/9 Fax: 03-3705-8264 Open: 9:00 a.m. - 17:00 p.m. (Except Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays) Visa ...

...that without a functioning democracy, the constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights of the Nepalese people and press freedom remain exposed to danger. Headquartered at Media Village in Kathmandu ...

Royal Nepalese Embassy, Washington DC, USA [ff]
Royal Nepalese Embassy, Washington DC, USA

Nepalese Society of Texas
The website of Nepalese Society Texas is under maintenance as well as upgrade. We have realized that this website should be comprehensive in bringing the information that our ...

GEFONT Homepage
...of Nepalese Trade Unions (GEFONT), Nepal Trade Union Congress (NTUC), Democratic Confederation of Nepalese ...

Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry [FNCCI]
8]gdfs{ g]kfnL lghL If]q;+u glhs /x]/ sfo{ ug{ OR5's g]pjfdxf;+3sf] sfo{sfl/0fL ;ldltsf] a}7såf/f zflGt :yfkgfsf] k|of;nfO{ lg/Gt/tf lbg' kg]{df hf]8 /fh:j ;DaGwL sfo{qmd ;DkGg More » News website of ...

Nepalese bloggers, journalists defy media clampdown by king
...respect the importance of free speech." ***** In Their Own Words A sampling of thoughts from Nepalese bloggers On the king's directive: "The first thing that his ministry did today was issuance of a ...

Worldwide Nepalese Students' Organisation
World Nepalese Student Organisation (WNSO) is a highly esteemed platform for prospective students from Nepal. WNSO was established by a group of enthusiastic students whose primary objective is the ...

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Commercial resources on Nepalese

Nepali (Khaskura) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in Nepal, Bhutan, and some parts of India and Myanmar (Burma). It is the official language of Nepal. Roughly half the population of Nepal speaks Nepali as a mother tongue, and many other Nepalese speak it as a second language.

Nepali goes by various names. English speakers generally call it Nepali or Nepalese (i.e. the language of Nepal).

It is also called Gorkhali or Gurkhali, "the language of the Gurkhas, "and Parbatiya, "the language of the mountains." Khaskura is the oldest term, literally speech of the Khas who were rice-growing Indo-Aryan settlers in the Karnali-Bheri basin of far western Nepal since prehistoric or early historic times. Khaskura exists in opposition to Khamkura, a group of Tibeto-Burman dialects spoken by Kham peoples in highlands separating the Kharnali-Bheri basin from the Gandaki basin in central Nepal.

Then perhaps 500 years ago, Khas peoples migrated eastward, bypassing the inhospitable Kham highlands to settle in the lower valleys of the Gandaki basin suited to rice cultivation. One notable extended family settled in Gorkha, a petty principality about halfway between Pokhara and Kathmandu. Then in the late 1700s a scion named Prithvi Narayan raised an army of Gurungs, Magars and possibly other hill tribesmen and set out to conquer and consolidate dozens of petty principalities in the himalayan foothills. Since Gorkha had replaced the original Khas homeland as the center of political and military initiative, Khaskura was redubbed Gorkhali, i.e. language of the Gorkhas.

Prithvi Narayan's especially notable military achievement was conquest of the urbanized Kathmandu Valley, on the eastern rim of the Gandaki basin. This region was also called Nepal at the time. Kathmandu became Prithvi Narayan's new capital, then he and his heirs extended their domain east into the Kosi basin, north to the Tibetan Plateau, south into the plains of northern India, and west of the Karnali/Bheri basin.

Expansion, particularly to the north, west and south brought the growing state into conflict with British and Chinese territorial ambitions. This led to wars that trimmed it back to roughly Nepal's present borders or less, however both great powers understood the value of a buffer state and did not attempt to reduce the new country further. Since the Kathmandu Valley or Nepal had become the new center of political initiative, this word gradually came to refer to the entire realm and not just the Kathmandu Valley. And so Gorkhali, language of Gorkha, was again redubbed Nepali.

Nepali is the easternmost of the Pahari languages, a group of related languages spoken across the lower elevations of the Himalaya range, from eastern Nepal through the Indian states of Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh. Nepali developed in proximity to a number of Tibeto-Burman languages, most notably Nepal Bhasa, and shows Tibeto-Burman influences.

Nepali is closely related to Hindi but is more conservative, borrowing fewer words from Persian and English and using more Sanskritic derivations. Today, Nepali is commonly written in the Devanagari script. Bhujimol is an older script native to Nepal.

Nepali developed a small literature during the second half of the nineteenth century, which included the Adhyatma Ramayana by Sundarananda Bara (1833), Birsikka, an anonymous collection of folk-tales, and a Ramayana by Bhanubhakta. There were also several translations of Sanskrit works, and a version of the Bible.

See also: Lhotshampa

Examples of phrases in Nepali include:
namaste. ?????? all-purpose Hindu greeting, often translated as "I salute the god within you". Its literal Sanskrit meaning is "your homage" and in common usage simply means "hello" or "goodbye." tapain ko naam ke ho? ??????? ??? ?? ??? - What is your name? (lit. your name what is?) mero naam aalok ho.???? ??? ???? ?? My name is Alok (lit. my name Alok is). timi lai kasto cha? ??????? ????? ?? How are you? khaanaa khaane Thaaun kahaa chha? ???? ???? ???? ???? ?? Where is a place to eat? (lit. food eating place where is?) kaaThmaandu jaane baaTo dherai laamo chha. ???????? ???? ???? ???? ???? ? The road to Kathmandu is very long (lit. Kathmandu going road very long is). nepaalmaa baneko ??????? ????? Made in Nepal (lit. Nepal-in made). ma nepaali ho(n) ? ?????? ??? I am Nepali (lit. I Nepali am). pugyo ?????? That is enough (lit. [it] arrived/sufficed).


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