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Malagasy language resources

Malagasy is spoken on a daily basis in: Madagascar

Encyclopedia resources on Malagasy
Malagasy language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
American Journal of Human Genetics, 76:894-901, 2005. [ edit ] External links Malagasy language edition of Wikipedia Ethnologue report for Malagasy Malagasy - English Dictionary This Austronesian languages ...

Madagascar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...influence is present along the coast. The Malagasy language shares some 90% of its basic vocabulary with the Maanyan language from the region of the Barito River in southern Borneo . Subsequent ...

Fandraisana - Wikipedia
...ny encyclopédie malagasy amin'ny internet. Raha tianao dia azonao atao ny misoratra ho mpikambana. ... History of science and technology - Language - Linguistics - Mythology - Political science - Psychology - ...

English language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
First language: about 380 million Second language: 150–1,000 million  Ranking : 3 or 4 as a native ... Malagasy Bahasa Melayu Bân-lâm-gú Nahuatl Diné bizaad Nederlands Plattdüütsch 日本語 Norsk (bokmål ...

Category:Austronesian languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...language Malagasy language Malay language Manado Malay Manam languages Marquesan language Marshallese language Masbatenyo language Mbula language Melanesian languages Meso Melanesian languages Micronesian Proper ...

Hawaiian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...e., the language of Easter Island), as well as to other languages in the Pacific, like Fijian , and ... and more distantly to Indonesian , Malagasy , and the indigenous languages of Taiwan and the ...

Afrikaans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Canada. It is the primary language used by two related ethnic groups: the Afrikaners (including Boers ... including words of English, Indian, Malay, Malagasy, Khoi, San and Bantu origins. Other closely ...

German language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Malagasy : alema Occitan : alemand Persian : آلمانی (Âlmâni) Portuguese : alemão Spanish : alemán ... Grammar of the German Language (1904, 1922) — the most complete and authoritative work in English ...

Category:Malayo-Polynesian languages - Wikipedia, the free ...
...language Malagasy language Malay language Maranao language Mono language (Solomon Islands) Motu language N Nimoa-Sudest languages N cont. North Papuan Mainland-D'Entrecasteaux languages Nuclear Papuan Tip ...

Austronesian languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Malagasy Nuclear Malayo-Polynesian (possibly dispersed from Sulawesi ) Sunda-Sulawesi , or Inner Western ... possibly including the language of Yap , in Micronesia East Oceanic South Solomons South Vanuatu Remote ...

Academic resources on Malagasy
Present a Malagasy Dinner It might be more authentic to serve this menu on mats placed on the floor, but in the cities of Malagasy dinner would be served at a table. For the Malagasy meal, use ...

Gifts & Blessings The Textile Arts of Madagascar
...the enduring prominence of handwoven textiles. Pictured above (from top to bottom) A Malagasy mother and her baby Photographer unknown, c.1900 Collotype Postcard Collection, MG-20-3 Eliot ...

UCLA Language Materials Project - Index Page
Malagasy Malay Malayalam Maltese Mandarin Maori Marathi Mende Mongolian Navajo Nepali Norwegian Ojibwe Oromo Pashto Persian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Quechua Romanian Russian Samoan Serbian Serbian/Croatian Shona Sindhi ...

Gifts & Blessings || Contemporary Textile Arts
...the Malagasy produced fabrics from reeds and beaten and spun bark fibers. The south and west were noted for textiles of cotton and wild silk. In the central highlands, the Malagasy used hemp, banana ...

Insects and Entomology | Iowa State Entomology Index of Internet ...
...keys, photos and species distributions AntWeb - ant faunas of several areas in the Nearctic and Malagasy biogeographic regions, and global coverage of all ant genera By Content Type Bibliographies CD-ROM ...

Gifts & Blessings || Listen to the music of Madagascar
National Museum of African Art exhibition of the textile arts of Madagascar. Modern Malagasy music incorporates African, Indonesian, Southeast Asian, European, Arabic, Caribbean and North American ...

Madagascar on the Internet
Observatoire de Géophysique - Ambohidempona (IOGA). Malagasy/Indo-australo-malesian Phytogeographic Connections Technical paper on the geographical ...

African Languages - Bemba, Malagasy, Ruanda, Rundi (ASC)(MSU)
...circulated directly to schools but represents a depressing decline in availability." MALAGASY (A9) 1 CLASSIFICATION AND WHERE SPOKEN Malagasy belongs to the West ...

Gifts & Blessings || Public Programs
...worm! Other activities include solving question-and-answer games, learning Malagasy expressions, trying on Malagasy clothing and handling a live Madagascar hissing cockroach. Programming in ...

Madagascar Museum Society
We will keep you updated on the progress and activities of the Society. Discography of 78rpm Malagasy Records The Paintings of Emile Ralambo, Early Twentieth Century Highland Artist Contact the ...

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Government resources on Malagasy
Malagasy is the westernmost of the Malayo-Polynesian languages. It is spoken on the island of Madagascar , off the east coast of Africa. It is believed that it may have ...

CIA - The World Factbook -- Madagascar
...indigenous beliefs 52%, Christian 41%, Muslim 7% Languages: French (official), Malagasy (official) Literacy: definition: age 15 and over can read and write total population: 68.9% male ...

1996 Country Commercial Guides
The purchasing power of the average Malagasy citizen is very low. Most Malagasy can literally only buy immediate necessities. In addition, culturally the Malagasy are reserved, often shy. As a ...

Malagasy ( formerly: Malagasy Republic) Constitution Executive Judicial Legislative Legal Guides General Sources (includes LC Portals ...

Index of Countries and Localities
Majuro, Marshall Islands See DMM 608 Malacca (Malaysia) Malagasy Republic (Madagascar) Malawi Malaya (Malaysia) Malaysia Maldives Mali Malta Manahiki (New Zealand) Manchuria (China) Mangaia (Cook ...

...developing island nation off the east coast of Africa. The primary languages are French and Malagasy. French is not generally spoken outside of major cities ...

Speech given by Madagascar PTT Minister
...the Telecommunications sector in Madagascar is equipping itself with modern tools to enable the Malagasy society to open itself to the third millennium. Thanks to this invaluable gift, Madagascar has ...

CIA - The World Factbook -- Madagascar
...indigenous beliefs 52%, Christian 41%, Muslim 7% Languages: French (official), Malagasy (official) Literacy: definition: age 15 and over can read and write total population: 68.9% male ...

Madagascar (10/05)
...with Anglophone countries as a means of balancing traditionally strong French influence. U.S.-MALAGASY RELATIONS Relations with the United States date to the middle 1800s. The two countries concluded ...

Languages - what we translate to and from. Language Translation.
Malagasy Language Malayalam Language Malay Language Manipuri Language Marathi Language Marshallese Language Masai Language Mien Language Mizo Language Mongolian Language Nahuatl Language Ndebele Language Nepalese ...

".org" resources on Malagasy
Malagasy language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Unstressed vowels are often elided ; thus fanorona is pronounced /fa'nurn/ ("fa-NOORN") and Malagasy sounds like its French transliteration Malgache . Malagasy orthography maps rather straightforwardly into ...

Animal Info - Malagasy Giant Rat
...ecosystems, population, and land use Animal Info - Malagasy Giant Rat (Other Names: Madagascan Rat, Malagasy Giant Jumping Rat, Malagasy Rat, Vositse, Votsotsa, Votsotse) Hypogeomys antimena Status : ...

Madagascar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Malagasy Christian Council of Churches) drafted a new Constitution. Troops guarding the proceedings clashed with pro-Ratsiraka " federalists " who tried to disrupt the forum in protest of draft ...

Fandraisana - Wikipedia
...amin'ity wikipedia ity ianao... tetikasa iray lehibe iarahantsika manamboatra ny encyclopédie malagasy amin'ny internet. Raha tianao dia azonao atao ny misoratra ho mpikambana. Raha misy fanontaniana ...

Flora of Madagascar
...information on Madagascar's flora. Below are some links to Missouri Botanical Garden content. Malagasy Acanthaceae Images Malagasy Anacardiaceae Images Malagasy Anisophylleaceae Images Malagasy ...

Conspectus of the Vascular Plants of Madagascar Project
...paper presented at the ICSEB VI Meetings, 9-16 September 2002, Patras, Greece Purchase Guide to Malagasy Trees Generic Tree Flora of Madagascar now available through MBG Scientific Publications Geo ...

Biogeography of Madagascar
The printed version of the paper was published in the Symposium volume (Schatz, G.E. 1996. Malagasy/Indo-Australo-Malesian phytogeographic connections. In : W.R. Lourenço (ed.), Biogeography of ...

Malagasy Ants - AntWeb
Content to come. All images, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted by the California Academy of Sciences. Copyright 2002-2005 Use of this web site and information available from it is subject to ...

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Madagascar
...flag is checked on, like this: If you clicked the radio button above the Malagasy flag, the text would be changed to Malagasy and the buttons would look like If you clicked the radio button above the ...

Ants of Malagasy Specimen Search - AntWeb
For Ants of Malagasy Equals Contains Types Only Images Only For more options, visit the advanced search page All images, unless otherwise noted, are copyrighted by the California Academy of ...

Commercial resources on Malagasy
Malagasy redirects here. For the Malagasy ethnic group, see Malagasy people. For the residents or citizens of Madagascar, see Demographics of Madagascar.
Malagasy (in French also: Malgache) is the national language of Madagascar.


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