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Kinyarwanda language resources

Kinyarwanda is spoken on a daily basis in: Rwanda

Encyclopedia resources on Kinyarwanda
Kinyarwanda language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Relational Grammar of Kinyarwanda University of California Press. [ edit ] External links Kinyarwanda language edition of Wikipedia This Niger-Congo languages -related article is a stub . You can help Wikipedia ...

Category:Niger-Congo language stubs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...language Kinyarwanda language Kirombo Kirundi language Kivunjo language Kongo language Kordofanian languages Krim language Kru languages Kusaal language Kwa languages Kwanyama L Ligbi language Lobedu language Lozi ...

Category:Bantu languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...language Kinyarwanda language Kirombo Kirundi language Kivunjo language Kongo language L Lingala language Lobedu language Lozi language Luganda language Luhya languages Lunda language Lusoga language M Makhuwa ...

Main Page - Wikipedia
...language list -- Afar - Abkhazian - Afrikaans - Elsässisch - አማርኛ - العربية - ... Kinyarwanda - संस?कृत - Sardu - सिनधि - Sangro - Simhala - Simple English - ...

Bantu languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...makes the Bantu family the most widespread language family in Africa , with about 310 million ... Kinyarwanda Kirundi in Southern Africa Shona Ndebele (Sindebele) Tswana (Setswana) Sesotho Zulu (isiZulu) Xhosa ...

List of languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
More structured lists are also available: Language families and languages ISO 639 List of languages ... Kinyarwanda Kiribati (= Kiribatese = Kiribatian) Kirundi Kiswahili Klallam Kodagu ( Dravidian ) Kodava Thakk ...

Wikipedia:Babel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia contact someone who speaks a certain language. The idea originated on the Wikimedia Commons and ... Kinyarwanda) 1.164 sa - संस?कृत (Sanskrit) 1.165 sc - Sardu (Sardinian) 1.166 scn - Sicilianu ...

Tutsi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...themselves as either Tutsi or Hutu. Tutsi is actually an indeterminate term. In the Kinyarwanda language , a single Tutsi is called umututsi, and more than one (the plural) is abatutsi. [ edit ] Height ...

English language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...along with French and Kinyarwanda). In Hong Kong , English is an official language and is widely used in business activities. It is taught from kindergarten , and is the medium of instruction for a few ...

List of languages by number of native speakers - Wikipedia, the free ...
...list of languages ordered by number of first-language speakers , with some data for second-language ... 4 million (2001) Kinyarwanda Niger-Congo , Bantu Official in Rwanda . Significant communities in Congo ...

Academic resources on Kinyarwanda
Yale > Cambodian Genocide Project > Kinyarwanda Introduction
2004 Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 06520 The Cambodian genocide of 1975-1979, in which approximately 1.7 million people lost their ...

Maria Polinsky's Home Page
Abkhazo-Adyghe (Abkhaz, Kabardian) Austronesian (Malagasy, Tongan, Chuukese) Bantu (Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Swahili) Nakh-Dagestanian ( Tsez , Bezhta, Rutul) Armenian Chukchi Crimean Tatar Vietnamese Life ...

African Newspapers Union List
Kinyarwanda Lingala Luganda Malagasy Nyanja Oromo Portuguese Shangaan Shona Somali Sotho Spanish Swahili Tigrinya Tonga Tswana Twi Venda Xhosa Yoruba Zulu Frequency three times a week five times a week ...

Kinyarwanda Malayalam Oshiwambo Panjabi Pashto Persian Polish Russian Shona Spanish Swahili Tagalog Taiwanese Tamil Telugu Thai Turkish Twi Urdu Vietnamese Wolof Yoruba Zulu 715-16 Williams Hall University of Pennsylvania ...

Baltimore - Advanced Search
Kinyarwanda Kirghiz Komi Kongo Konkani Korean Kpelle Kru Kuanyama Kumyk Kurdish Kurukh Kusaie Kutenai Ladino Lahnda Lamba Langue d'oc Lao Lapp Latin Latvian Letzeburgesch Lezgian Lingala Lithuanian ...

Corpus building for minority languages
Tetum), Metin Amiroff and Orkhan Jafarov (Azerbaijani), Steve Murphy and Philibert Ndandali (Kinyarwanda), Ricardo Mones Lastra (Asturian), Gabe Lalasava (Fijian), Keola Donaghy and Joseph Colton ...

Rwanda on the Internet - Stanford University [KF] Amahoro People's Congress In French, English, and Kinyarwanda. Formerly Arena-Isangano. "AMAHORO People's Congress is a Political Party formed in response ...

Summer Cooperative African Langu
...but are not limited to): Bamana / Bambara , Chichewa, Chitonga, Igbo, Kikongo, Kinyarwanda, Lingala, Pulaar, Shona, Somali, Songhay, and Tigrinya . Instruction is available at the ...

CRL - Foreign Newspapers
Kinyarwanda Kirghiz Korean Lao Latvian Letzeburgisch Lingala Lithuanian Luganda Macedonian Malagasy Malay Malayalam Malaysian Manipuri Maranao Marathi Moldavian Nepali Newari Norwegian Nyanja Oriya ...

MIT Libraries' Catalog - Barton - Basic Search of Full Catalog
Kinyarwanda Kirghiz Komi Kongo Konkani Korean Kpelle Kru Kuanyama Kumyk Kurdish Kurukh Kusaie Kutenai Ladino Lahnda Lamba Langue d'oc Lao Lapp Latin Latvian Letzeburgesch Lezgian Lingala Lithuanian ...

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Government resources on Kinyarwanda
Kinyarwanda Kirundi Chinese Creole Croatian Czech Dari English-Worldwide English to Africa Special English Estonian French to Africa Georgian Greek Hausa Hindi Horn of Africa Afan Oromo Amharic ...

CIA - The World Factbook -- Rwanda
26%, Adventist 11.1%, Muslim 4.6%, indigenous beliefs 0.1%, none 1.7% (2001) Languages: Kinyarwanda (official) universal Bantu vernacular, French (official), English (official), Kiswahili (Swahili ...

Africa News Now Sa-Sun (LIVE) Africa News Now Sa-Sun (LIVE) MUSIC MUSIC 30 KINYARWANDA/KIRUNDI Africa News Now M-F (L) / World of MIX MIX 45 " Music Sa /On the Line-Edit Su 0400 ...

Foreign Newspapers Currently Received - Newspaper and Current ...
Kinyarwanda Latvian Lithuanian Lozi Luganda Macedonian ...

1575 6060 7130 7260 13725 Kinyarwanda/Kirundi 0330-0400 UTC 6095 7340 13725 0400-0430 UTC 6095 6120 7340 13725 Korean 1200-1300 UTC 7215 7235 1300-1400 UTC 648 7215 7235 9545 2100-2130 UTC 6060 7125 2130-2200 UTC ...

Press Release ::: El Paso Zoo :::
...project involves making flash cards representing words in English and Kinyarwanda to facilitate children’s ability to read and write. Over the past month ...

Rwanda (12/05)
Rwanda's government-run radio broadcasts 15 hours a day in English, French, and Kinyarwanda, the national languages. News programs include regular re-broadcasts from international radio such as Voice ...

Ejo Bite? [Kinyarwanda & Kirundi] Encounter [English] Halo Amerika [Indonesian] Hello Washington [Kurdish] Hip Hop Connection [English] Housecall [English] Issues and Opinions [Chinese] Issues in the News ...

International Broadcasting Bureau Homepage
French to Africa, Portuguese to Africa, Swahili, Amharic, Afan Oromo, Hausa, Kinyarwanda/Kirundi, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, Pashto, Dari, Turkish, and Uzbek. So far, VOA ...

Christian 80%, traditional African 10%, Muslim 10%. Languages: : French, English, Kinyarwanda. Education: Years compulsory--6. Attendance--70% (prewar). Literacy--50%. Health: Infant mortality rate--123 ...

".org" resources on Kinyarwanda
Hopetalk - Kinyarwanda
Kinyarwanda GENZURA Discover Bible Guides in the Kinyarwanda language.... [More] Email this to a friend ...

Hopetalk - East-Central Africa - Kinyarwanda
Discover Bible Guides in the Kinyarwanda language.... [More] Email this to a friend CATALOG OF OTHER LANGUAGES AND REGIONS

Kinyarwanda language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Le Kinyarwanda, langue bantu du Rwanda Paris: Société d’Études Linguistiques et Anthropologiques de France (SELAF). Kimenyi, Alexandre (1980) A Relational Grammar of Kinyarwanda University of ...

Kinyarwanda and Rwanda Links ensure that such steps are taken." Fondation Hirondelle - Section Kinyarwanda Hirondelle Foundation (est. 1995, Lausanne, Switzerland) Media for Peace and Human Dignity ...

The Way to Happiness eBooks Download Page
An error has occured. Please verify your download link that brought you here. If you just purchased eBooks go to your account information which was provided via email at time of purchase.

Kinyarwanda English Francais For comments or questions, send mail to [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright ...

The Bible in kinyaRwanda
...kinyaRwanda kinyaRwanda is spoken by 9,307,000 people: 8,436,000 in Rwanda, 533,000 in Uganda, 250,000 in Democratic Republic of Congo, 88,000 in Tanzania. Reading the Scriptures in kinyaRwanda Publishing ...

Faith Comes by Hearing: Bible Recordings
Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) Kire (Giri) Kisi, Southern Konkomba, Likoonli Konkomba ...

...canadian english, czech, dutch and spanish. Newly started translations are bulgarian and kinyarwanda. The Release NEWS section has the exact change list, so enjoy the new code and please report bugs to ...

Hopetalk - East-Central Africa
Bible Guides in the Kiswahili language.... [Zaidi] GENZURA Discover Bible Guides in the Kinyarwanda language.... [More] Discover Bible Guides These FREE Bible Guides are simple, easy to use, and ...

Commercial resources on Kinyarwanda
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Kinyarwanda is the chief spoken language in Rwanda. It is also spoken in the east of DRC and in the south of Uganda (Bufumbira-area). Kinyarwanda is a tonal language of the Bantu language family (Guthrie D61). Kinyarwanda is closely related to Kirundi spoken in the neighboring country, Burundi and to Giha of western Tanzania.

The inhabitants of Rwanda and Burundi belong to three different ethnic groups (Although the validity of the ethnic nature is debatable; see [1]): Hutu, Tutsi, and Twa (a pygmy people). The fact that these ethnic groups share the same language is assumed to be the result of the Hutu outnumbering the latter two groups (see Hutu for a more complete historical perspective).


What are the most spoken languages on earth?

All data is derived from UNESCO.


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