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Kalenjin language resources

Kalenjin is spoken on a daily basis in: Kenya

Encyclopedia resources on Kalenjin
Wikipedia:Errors in the Encyclopædia Britannica that have been ... the linguistic sense as outlined in the Wikipedia articles Kalenjin languages and Kalenjin language . Omosule, Monone (1989) 'Kalenjin: the emergence of a corporate name for the 'Nandi-speaking tribes ...

List of languages by number of native speakers - Wikipedia, the free ...
...list of languages ordered by number of first-language speakers , with some data for second-language ... all varieties (1991, 1993, 2001) (dated data) Kalenjin Nilo-Saharan , Nilotic Kenya 2.5 million (1989 ...

Kalendjin - Wikipedia
... Von " " Kategorien : ‪ Afrikanische Ethnie ‬ | ‪ Ethnie in Kenia ‬ Diese Seite Artikel Diskussion Seite bearbeiten ...

Demographics of Kenya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...diverse population that includes most major language groups of Africa . Traditional pastoralists ... Kalenjin 12%, Kamba 11%, Kisii 6%, Meru 6%, other African 15%, non-African (Asian, European, and Arab ) 1 ...

User:Pearle/categories-alpha - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of all categories, whether "real" or merely linked to from an article, as of the 20050623 (YYYYMMDD) database dump.

Hizkuntzen zerrenda hiztun kopuruko - Wikipedia
24 million native, ~ 15 million second language, = ~ 40 million total Maithili Indo-European , Indo ... Kalenjin Nilo-Saharan Kenya 2,458,123 Maninkakan Niger-Congo Guinea , Mali 2,455,000 Kamba Niger-Congo Kenya 2 ...

Academic resources on Kalenjin
Dr.J. on Running - Genes or Environment
African ancestry dominate the sprints, while the East Africans win the distance events. The Kalenjin of Kenya, with a population of only 3 million, win 40 percent of the top distance races. On the ...

Maasai People
...southernmost Nilotic speakers and are linguistically most directly related to the Turkana and Kalenjin who live near Lake Turkana in west central Kenya. According to Maasai oral history and the ...

Global Sound
Kalenjin Kamba Kambera Kaonde Karanga Karo-Batak Khmer Kikongo Kikuyu Kipsigis Kokopera Konjo (Uganda) Konjo, coastal Korean Kriol Kromanti Latin Lendu Lese Lesser Antillean Creole French Lingala Lithuanian Logooli Luba ...

73.947 shillings=1 USD Major peoples: Kikuyu, Maasai ,Luhya,Luo,Kalenjin,Kamba Religion: Protestant 38%, African religion 26%, Catholic 28%, Muslim 7%, Other 1% Climate: Tropical to arid Literacy: 78.1 ...

Kenya Study Abroad Program
Kalenjin A Final Note 1 Asa Cordle was a 2000 KSAP participant.

The IU-Kenya Partnership - Stories
...nearly my age. However, age was just about all we had in common. She was a young Kalenjin woman, married with five children. Her husband was gone quite a bit and she was ...
Gbe (Ewe/Mina/Fon) Languages (Go - Kri) Gogo Gurage Hausa Hehe Idoma Igbo Ijo Isle de France Creole Kalenjin (Nandi..) Kamba Kanuri Kikuyu Kimbundu Kongo (Kituba) Kpelle (Guerze) Krio/Pidgin (Cluster) Languages (Kru ...

Nairobi City sanitation and water, and HIV. Ethnic Groups: Kikuyu (22%), Luhya (14%), Luo (13%), Kalenjin (12%), Kamba (11%), Kisii (6%), Meru (6%), other African (including Maasai and Samburu—15 ...

Cultural Profiles of Some Peoples of Africa
The Ganda of Uganda The Gosha of Somalia and Kenya The Jains of Kenya The Kalenjin of Kenya The Kikuyu People of Kenya The Kumam of Uganda The Luhya of Kenya The Meru of Kenya The Mukogodo ...

peoples of kenya
...or Arabs. The African peoples include many ethnic tribes: Kikuyu (22%), Luhya (14%), Kalenjin (12%), Kamba (11%), Kisii (6%), and Meru (6%). Official languages are English and Swahili (a ...

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Government resources on Kalenjin
CIA - The World Factbook -- Kenya
Kikuyu 22%, Luhya 14%, Luo 13%, Kalenjin 12%, Kamba 11%, Kisii 6%, Meru 6%, other African 15%, non-African (Asian, European, and Arab) 1% Religions: Protestant 45%, Roman Catholic 33%, indigenous ...

Peace Corps | World Wise Schools | Country Information
Universal at age 18 Ethnic Groups: Kikuyu 22%, Luhya 14%, Luo 13%, Kalenjin 12%, Kamba 11%, Kisii 6%, Meru 6%, Asian, European, and Arab 1%, other 15% Population: 28.8 million (mid-1999) Birth ...

Kenya (10/05)
Annual growth rate (2003 est.): 1.7%. Ethnic groups: African --Kikuyu 21%, Luhya 14%, Luo 13%, Kalenjin 11%, Kamba 11%, Kisii 6%, Meru 5%. Non-African --Asian, European, Arab 1%. Religions: Indigenous ...

CIA - The World Factbook -- Kenya
Kikuyu 22%, Luhya 14%, Luo 13%, Kalenjin 12%, Kamba 11%, Kisii 6%, Meru 6%, other African 15%, non-African (Asian, European, and Arab) 1% Religions: Protestant 45%, Roman Catholic 33%, indigenous ...

CIA - The World Factbook -- Field Listing - Ethnic groups
Tatar 1.7%, Uygur 1.4%, other 4.9% (1999 census) Kenya Kikuyu 22%, Luhya 14%, Luo 13%, Kalenjin 12%, Kamba 11%, Kisii 6%, Meru 6%, other African 15%, non-African (Asian, European, and Arab) 1 ...

Peace Corps | World Wise Schools | Water in Africa | Stories | Kenya among the Nandi people (one of the Kalenjin tribes). There is a lot of water in my area in the form of rivers, streams, and springs. Unfortunately, it is mostly contaminated, since little ...

...of Health statistics by tribal affiliation are: Kisii - 97 percent; Masai - 89 percent; Kalenjin – 62 percent; Taita and Taveta – 59 percent; Meru/Embu groups – 54 percent; Kikuyu – 43 percent ...

Nilo-Saharan Language Family
Kalenjin 2.5 million Kenya Dinka 1.3 million Sudan Lugbara 1 million Uganda Lango 977,680 Uganda Masai 883,000 Kenya Acholi 791,796 Uganda Lendu 760,000 Democratic Republic of the Congo ...

MARC Language Codes: Part I: NAME SEQUENCE
Kalenjin Assigned collective code [ssa] (Nilo-Saharan (Other)) Kalinga, Lower Tanudan USE Lower Tanudan Kalinga Kalinga languages Assigned collective code [phi] (Philippine (Other)) Kalispel Assigned ...

CIA WORLD FACTBOOK 1995 via the Libraries of the University of ...
Kenyan(s) adjective: Kenyan Ethnic divisions: Kikuyu 22%, Luhya 14%, Luo 13%, Kalenjin 12%, Kamba 11%, Kisii 6%, Meru 6%, Asian, European, and Arab 1%, other 15% Religions ...

".org" resources on Kalenjin
World Christian Video Directory - Kalenjin Christian Videos
Directory of Kalenjin Christian videos worldwide. Kalenjin Christian Videos The addresses of where you may buy a video in the Kalenjin language are with the list of addresses of the producers and ...

Faith Comes by Hearing: Bible Recordings
Kalenjin Kanjobal, Eastern (Q'anjob'al) Kanjobal, Western (de San Miguel) Kanuri, Central (Yerwa ...

The Spirit Filled Life - In your language!
Kalenjin Kikamba Khmer, Central Kikuyu Kiluba Kimeru Kituba Korean Kuanua Laotian Latvian Luo Malagasy Malayalam Norwegian Pedi (Northern Sotho) Pidgin English Police Motue Polish Portuguese (Brazilian) ...

Have You Made the Wonderful Discovery of the Spirit-Filled Life ...
Questions and Comments are always welcome! [email protected] last updated: 28-10-2003

World Missionary Press - Read a Booklet
Kalenjin , Kituba , Luganda , Miskito , Norwegian , Oriya , Portuguese , Punjabi , Romanian (2.5 mb PDF) , Russian, Spanish , Swahili Congo (RDC) , Tamil , ...

The Four Spiritual Laws - In your language!
Kalenjin Kamba Kannada Kazak Khmer (Central Cambodian) Kikuyu Kimeru Kiluba Kinandi Kinyarwanda Kiriol Kirundi Konkani Korean Korean Flash Kumyk Lango Laotian Latvian Lithuanian Luba Kaonde Luganda ...

Recording of Dramatised New Testament in Kalenjin
Recording of Dramatised New Testament in Kalenjin Millions in Kenya cannot read well or would rather receive their information through other media. In 1996, when the Faith Comes By Hearing (FCBH ...

2,000.00 LUO BIBLE (NEW LUO) Code No.: V053/052 Price: Kshs.450.00 KALENJIN BIBLE Code No.: 052 Price: Kshs.450.00 KALENJIN BIBLE Code No.: 072/73 Price: Kshs.1,500.00 KIKAMBA BIBLE Code No.: 053/52 ...

The JESUS Film Project +++ STREAMING +++
Kalenjin Kalmyk-Oirat Kambaata Kambera Kanauji Kandawo Kankanaey Kannada Kanuri, Yerwa Kanyok Kaonde Kapampangan Karai-Karai Karakalpak Karanga Karelian Karen, Pwo Karen, Pwo Eastern Karen, Sgaw Kasem, Burkina Faso Kasem ...

Questions and Comments are always welcome! [email protected] last updated: 17-02-2005

Commercial resources on Kalenjin
For the broader linguistic family of Kalenjin languages spoken in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania, see Kalenjin languages.
Kalenjinis a cluster of closely related dialects spoken in Western Kenya and the Rift Valley by about 12% of Kenya's population. The present name for the dialect cluster gained prominense in the late 1940s and the early 1950s, when several Nandi-speaking peoples united to assume the common name 'Kalenjin', a Nandi expression meaning I say (to you). Due to this effort, the peoples were transformed into a major ethnic group in Kenya. The adoption of the name Kalenjin also involved a standardization of the different dialects.

The languages of the Kenyan Kalenjin peoples are classified under the linguistic family of Kalenjin languages, which also encompasses such languages as Akie (Tanzania) and Kubsabiny (Uganda). Due to this even broader use of the term 'Kalenjin', it is common practice in linguistic literature to refer to the languages of the Kenyan Kalenjin peoples as the 'Nandi languages'. The Kalenjin languages belong to the Southern Nilotic group of the Eastern Sudanic branch of the Nilo-Saharan language family.

Main varieties are (ordered from north to south):
Keyo (Keiyo) Cherangany Tugen Nandi language Kipsigis (Kipsikiis, Kipsikis)
Other, somewhat more distantly related languages are the Markweta languages Endo and Talai. Terik (Nyang'ori) is classified as one of the Elgon languages by Rottland (1982) but is called a Kalenjin dialect by the Ethnologue (15th edition); this is due to the fact that the Terik people, originally from the Elgon area, have increasingly assimilated to the neighbouring Nandi people to the point of their language becoming very much like the Kalenjin Nandi dialect.


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