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Igbo language resources

Igbo is spoken on a daily basis in: Nigeria

Encyclopedia resources on Igbo
Igbo language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...accent over the vowel, for example <a> → <á>. [ edit ] See also Igbo people [ edit ] External links Igbo language edition of Wikipedia Ethnologue report on the Igbo language Igbo Language Center A History of the ...

Igbo people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...they can be found in significant numbers in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea . Their language is also called Igbo . The primary Igbo states in Nigeria are Anambra , Abia , Imo , Ebonyi , and Enugu States . The ...

Biafra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...language Igbo , English Capital Enugu Largest city Port Harcourt Head of State Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu Chief of General Staff (VP) Philip Effiong Area ?- Total ?- % water Population ;- Total 13,500,000 (1967) ...

Wikipedia:Community Portal - Wikipedia
...and writers are also fluent in English because of English's status as Nigeria's official language. Most Igbo speakers also have a knowledge of Nigerian Pidgin English. [ edit ] Discussion This page is for ...

Main Page - Wikipedia
Wikipedia article in the Igbo language. If you speak this language and think it would be cool to have your own Encyclopedia then you can make it. Go ahead. Translate this page for ndi igbo (the Igbo people ...

Gullah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Igbo , and Kikongo . Like other Atlantic creoles, it developed as a way for slaves to communicate ... List of dialects of the English language [ edit ] External links Gullah page at Beaufort County Public ...

List of languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia More structured lists are also available: Language families and languages ISO 639 List of languages ... Igbo Bihari Bijil Neo-Aramaic ( Semitic ) Bikol Bikya (Furu) Blackfoot Boholano ( Malayo-Polynesian ) Bohtan Neo ...

Wikipedia:Babel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia contact someone who speaks a certain language. The idea originated on the Wikimedia Commons and ... Igbo (Igbo) 1.86 ii - ꆇꉙ (Yi) 1.87 ik - Iñupiak (Inupiak) 1.88 ilo - Ilokano (Ilokano) 1.89 io - Ido ...

Nigeria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...the populous village-networks of the Igbo and other acephalous groups like the Ibibio were governed ... Persons of different language backgrounds most commonly communicate in English, although knowledge of ...

Chinua Achebe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He has served as founding editor of Okike , an African journal of new writing, Uwa ndi Igbo - an Igbo language journal of poetry and literary criticism, publisher of The African Commentary , President of ...

Academic resources on Igbo
Igbo People
Igbo people, it is impossible to generalize about a pure Igbo art style, which has characteristically been representative of numerous geographical regions. It could be said, though, that most Igbo do ...

Igbo language and literature: resources for study
This Igbo site belongs not to the Indological <fp7>, but to her mother.) * Who are the Igbo people? * * Advice about how you might start to study Igbo * * A history of the Igbo language * * Chinua Achebe ...

Myths and Legends
...god," as well as describes aspects of the religion including some of the Vodoun deities. Igbo The page for Cora Agatucci's class on African Storytelling examines a couple of Igbo folktales ...

G. I. Jones -- S.E. Nigerian Art and Culture
...[email protected] . Photograph Indexes Index to Ibibio, Ijo and Ogoni Index to Ika Igbo (Western Igbo) Index to Nsukka and Nri/Awka Igbo Index to Ikwerri Igbo Index to Abiriba Igbo Index to Nkporo Igbo ...

Index to Ika Igbo (Western Igbo) Ofo, uxurhe and other pieces [includes Ikenga], North Ika Carved wooden shrine object , North Ika, Asaba village Carved wooden shrine object , South Ika, Aboh town ...

:: Chiamaka Igbo Name ::
The Standard e-dictionary of Igbo Names (TM) African musical instruments Compiled by Dele Chinwe Ladejobi-Ukwu (click on my name to see my pictures) Please send ...

John C. McCall: Dancing Histories, University of Michigan Press
Heuristic Ethnography with the Ohafia Igbo John C. McCall Outlines a method for incorporating indigenous knowledge into anthropological work as a source of theoretical alternatives. 6 x 9. 208 pgs. 7 ...

Peoples Resources
Igbo Igbo Ukwu Ijo Kabre Karagwe Kassena Katana Kom Kongo Kota Kuba Kusu Kwahu Kwere Laka Lega Lobi Luba Luchazi Luluwa Lunda Luvale Lwalwa Maasai Makonde Mambila Mangbetu Manja Mbole Mende Mitsogo Mossi Mumuye Ngbaka Nkanu Nok Nuna Oron ...

Things Fall Apart
Nigerian yam-cult dance mask. --Who are the Igbo people? -- Bronze plaque of Nigerian military figures. Okonwko, Achebe's protagonist in Things Fall ...

G. I. Jones -- S.E. Nigerian Art and Culture
Index to photographs from Ohafia Igbo and Abam Igbo All photographs by G. I. Jones Copyright to these photographs belong to the G. I. Jones estate and is managed by the Museum of Archaeology and ...

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Government resources on Igbo
EDSITEment - Lesson Plan
Maternity Figure (Ntekpe) Igbo, Nigeria Terracotta; 32.4 x 13.3 x 12.7 cm (12 3/4 x 5 1/4 x 5 in.) 19th-20th century The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Gift of Drs. Herbert F. and Teruko S ...

EDSITEment - Lesson Plan
Igbo people, Nigeria, figure The University of Iowa Museum of Art , The Stanley Collection (x1986.202) Subject Areas Art and Culture Folklore History and Social Studies World History - Africa Literature ...

Igbo Vocabulary and Concept Log
... Igbo Vocabulary and Concept Log Page # Vocabulary Word or Concept Definition/Meaning Purpose within the Novel

Search Results - NTIS Search
Igbo - Basic Course (Textbook). Audiovisual. AV008855BB00; Year : 1995; Igbo - Basic Course (Audiocassettes). Audiovisual. AV004081AE00; Year : 1996; Processing search... Refine your ...

Food Stamp Informational Materials in Other Languages
...available in these languages: Albanian Hebrew Polish Amharic Hindi Portuguese Arabic Hmong Russian Burmese Igbo Serbo-Croatian Chinese (simplified) Italian Somali Chinese (traditional) Japanese Spanish Croatian Khmer ...

Nigeria : Country Studies - Federal Research Division, Library of ...
The Igbo: A Stateless Society? The Northern Kingdoms of the Savanna The Savanna States, 1500-1800 ...

U.S. Consulate General, Nigeria: Crossroads - October 2000
...are representative of ancestral spirits that are worshipped as deities by Nigeria’s Igbo and Urhobo peoples, who live in southeastern Nigeria. The Igbo work, an alusi , is a male figure ...

Languages - what we translate to and from. Language Translation.
Igbo Language Indonesian Language Italian Language Japanese Language Kannada Language Kazakh Language Khmer Cambodian Language Kikukyu Language Kikuyu Language Konkani Language Korean Language Kurdish Language ...

Foreign Language Collection
Igbo Italian Japanese Kirundi Kituba Korean Lao Luganda Moré Pilipino Polish Portuguese Russian Serbo-Croatian Shona Sinhalese Spanish Swahili Swedish Thai Turkish Twi Vietnamese Yoruba Help | Contact Us | ...

CIA - The World Factbook -- Nigeria
...following are the most populous and politically influential: Hausa and Fulani 29%, Yoruba 21%, Igbo (Ibo) 18%, Ijaw 10%, Kanuri 4%, Ibibio 3.5%, Tiv 2.5% Religions: Muslim 50%, Christian 40 ...

".org" resources on Igbo
IGBO: International Gay Bowling Organization
...and Alberta’s Centenary. Learn More >> IGBO Responds with Hurricane Relief IGBO reaches out to bowlers Impacted from recent Hurricane Katrina's aftermath. IGBO members, leagues and tournaments can ...

IGBO Leagues
Individual Members of IGBO [membership status granted by virtue of participating in an IGBO Member League] are invited to participate in the IGBO Annual and Mid-Year Tournaments, as well as all IGBO ...

Igbo language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Learning Igbo on the Internet [ edit ] References Awde, Nicholas and Onyekachi Wambu. Igbo: Igbo-English/English-Igbo Dictionary and Phrasebook New York: Hippocrene Books, 1999. International Phonetic ...

IGBO Corporate Sponsors
Midwest Airlines—IGBO's Official Airline Storm Bowling—'Exclusive bowling ball, bag, polish/cleaner and accessory' sponsor of IGBO IGBO Store: Romor Associates—IGBO's Official Merchandiser Become ...

IGBO News Headlines
IGBO Online Member/Community Forum President's Report Regional Reports Submit News Articles Current IGBO News Calgary 2005—Come Early... Stay Late.. But, Come and Explore! Calgary’s bowling community ...

IGBO Tournaments
Last modified on 11/01/2005 IGBO Tournaments If you really want to find out what IGBO is all about, you've got to attend an IGBO Tournament! Trust us; we take bowling to an entirely new ...

IGBO - About Us
About this Web Site Send Feedback about this Web Site Welcome New Board Members Latest Election at IGBO Annual—May 2005 (Milwaukee, WI) Executive Board President —Sharon Stump ( re-elected ) Treasurer ...

IGBO - Contact Us
About this Web Site Send Feedback about this Web Site Welcome New Board Members Latest Election at IGBO Annual—May 2005 (Milwaukee, WI) Executive Board President —Sharon Stump ( re-elected ) Treasurer ...

IGBO Online Member/Community Forum IGBO Store: Romor Associates—IGBO's Official Merchandiser Useful Links Site Administration Current IGBO News Calgary 2005—Come Early... Stay Late.. But, Come ...

IGBO Member Login
IGBO Online Member/Community Forum President's Report Regional Reports Submit News Articles Current IGBO News Calgary 2005—Come Early... Stay Late.. But, Come and Explore! Calgary’s bowling community ...

Commercial resources on Igbo

Igbo (also known, less commonly, as Ibo; as?s? Ndi Igbo in Igbo) is a language spoken in Nigeria by around 18 million speakers (the Igbo), especially in the southeastern region once identified as Biafra. The language was used by John Goldsmith as an example to justify going away from the classical linear model of phonology as laid out in The Sound Pattern of English. It is written in the Roman script. Igbo is a tonal language, like Yoruba and Chinese.


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All data is derived from UNESCO.


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