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Hindi language resources

Hindi is spoken on a daily basis in: Bangladesh, India, Trinidad and Tobago

Encyclopedia resources on Hindi
Hindi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Generator for Hindi typographical filler text Hindi Language Resources Hindi documents and dictionary International Institute of Information Technologies IIIT , online and downloadable dictionaries cross ...

Hindustani language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...classical music prevalent in northern India . The term used to refer to the language is "Hindi", regardless of the mix of Persian or Sanskrit words used by the speaker. One could conceive of a wide ...

Indo-Aryan languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...began to be excised from the official Hindi corpus, in a bid to make the language more 'Indian'. A throwback to Hindi poets like Tulsidas resulted in what is known as a Sanskritization of the language ...

Urdu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Becker, D. A. (1971). Aspiration and nasalization in the generative phonology of Hindi-Urdu. Language , 47 , 646-767. Ohala, M. (1972). Topics in Hindi-Urdu phonology. (PhD dissertation, University of ...

English language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
First language: about 380 million Second language: 150–1,000 million  Ranking : 3 ... is now the third-most spoken native language worldwide (after Chinese and Hindi ), with some 380 million speakers . It has ...

Hindi literature - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...spoken by the majority of people in India . Hindi has its roots in the classical Sanskrit language. Hindi literature may be traced back to medieval times when poets composed in dialects such as ...

Indo-Iranian languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...language Hindi language Maithili language Marathi language Nepali language Oriya language Pali Punjabi language Romany language - the language of Gypsies Sindhi language Singhalese language Urdu Dardic languages : ...

List of national languages of India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...the exam in any of these languages. As drafted, English ceased to exist as an official language (on par with Hindi) in 1965 , after which it was intended to continue as an "associate additional official ...

Assamese language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...script which is used in India's national language Hindi . The spellings in Assamese are not necessarily phonetic. Hemkosh , the second Assamese dictionary, introduced spellings based on Sanskrit which ...

म?ख?य पृष?ठ - विकिपीडिया
If you are unable to see the hindi scripts on this page, go to Setting up your browser for Indic scripts म?ख?य पृष?ठ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation , search ...

Academic resources on Hindi
Hindi Language and Literature
Hindi language links and resources: Directory Hindi: The language of songs: Hindi speakers in the world, Hindi speaking regions, Brief History of Hindi, Hindi resources, Hindi Songs, Hindi Poets and ...

Hindi Links
Hindi language links and resources: Directory Back to Home page All about Hindi Songs Immortals: Hindi Poets & Authors Hindi Lessons on the Web Hindi Alphabet, conversation from Syracuse U. Script, dialogues ...

Hindi Movie Songs
Archive of Hindi Movie songs Contains songs from the ITRANS Song Book (ISB) version 3.1a released by Anurag Shankar on Feb 3, 1996, and also the forthcoming additions to the ISB (from Rajiv Shridhar's ...

Hindi page at UPenn.
South Asia Regional Studies ( University of Pennsylvania Hindi Program: Web based Hindi Materials Alphabet | Videos | Audio files | Student projects(98) | Student projects(99) | ...

Hindi Songs
Hindi songs/music links and resources: Directory Hindi Songs: Loved by a billion around the world Songs Index Hindi Movie songs index Itrans Songs index with frames Data-base search ISB Next release ...

Yamada Language Center: Hindi Fonts
Hindi bitmapped font available in 12 and 24 point. Download Kånchi (63 k) For Macintosh More Fonts ... Additional font resources - Not finding what you need? Try this list of other font sites. Problems ...

Yamada Language Center: Hindi-Urdu WWW Guide
YLC self-study language resources - more Hindi/Urdu links Language Hindi program at Penn WWW hindi lessons (audio and video), and images from northern India. Languages ...

UPenn Page for Hindi Alphabet
This site was developed with a partial grant from the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning Download Real Player to play the following movie files Introduction - I Introduction I contd. ...

Untitled Document
Hindi Morphological Tagger Enter a Hindi word or sentence and press 'Tag' Roman key: a aa i ii u uu e ai o au k kh g gh c ch j jh T Th D Dh t th d dh p ph b bh m y r l v R Rh h q Example: main yahaan ...

Hindi Morphological Tagger
Hindi Morphological Tagger Enter a Hindi word or sentence and press 'Tag' Roman key: a aa i ii u uu e ai o au k kh g gh c ch j jh T Th D Dh t th d dh p ph b bh m y r l v R Rh h q Example: main yahaan ...

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Government resources on Hindi
Hindi Hmong Icelandic Italian Japanese Korean Laotian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Russian Samoan Spanish Tagalog Thai Ukrainian Vietnamese Albanian Small Business Administration (SBA) • Online Women’s Business ...

FCIC - Multilanguage Gateway
Hindi Hmong Icelandic Italian Japanese Korean Laotian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Russian Samoan Spanish Tagalog Thai Ukrainian Vietnamese Albanian Small Business Administration (SBA) • Online Women’s Business ...

Hindi evolved in the Middle Ages from the Indo-Aryan Prakrit languages and from Sanskrit . Status Hindi is spoken in northern and central India. Linguists think of Hindi and Urdu as the same ...

...kMjyaUmar [nfamao-Sana byaUrao ka ek p`kaSana 1-888-CALL-FCC ( Aavaaja ), 1-888-TELL-FCC (TTY) foDrla kmyaUinakoSansa kmaISana Federal Communications Commission 445 12th Street, SW ...

Hindi Authors: The South Asian Literary Recordings Project (Library of ...
Hindi Authors: The South Asian Literary Recordings Project (Library of Congress New Delhi Office). The Library of Congress >> Overseas Offices HOME - About the Project - Copyright and Permissions - ...

Congresswoman Linda T. Sanchez
Hindi - Korean - Spanish - Tagalog - Vietnamese Washington Office 1007 Longworth HOB Washington, DC 20515 (202) 225-6676 District Office 4007 Paramount Blvd. Ste. 106 Lakewood, CA 90712 (562) 429-8499 ...

ALA-LC Romanization Tables
Hindi Japanese Javanese, Sundanese, and Madurese Kannada Kashmiri Khmer Korean Kurdish Ladino Lao Lepcha Limbu Malay Malayalam Marathi Mongolian Moplah Non-Slavic Languages (in Cyrillic Script) Oriya ...

India : Country Studies - Federal Research Division, Library of ...
Hindi and English Hindi English Linguistic States The Social Context of Language Ethnic ...

Career Paths at the National Security Agency (NSA) - Foreign Languages
Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish, you will be trained in Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Farsi, Hindi, Korean, Pashto, or Urdu. If you already have some knowledge of Middle Eastern or Asian languages ...

Hindi Language Information on the Seattle.Gov Web Site that lists all the Hindi language information on the Seattle.Gov web site. SEARCH: News and Media Technology Employment Education Volunteer and Donate Grants and Funding Housing and Neighborhoods Human ...

".org" resources on Hindi
Hindi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...has more about this subject: Hindi Request free Hindi Fonts and Devanagari Tools CD from Indian Government A short introduction to Hindi grammar Hindi Wiktionary Ethnologue on Hindi Generator for Hindi ...

Open Directory - World: Hindi
Social Sciences: Linguistics: Languages: Natural: Indo-European: Indo-Iranian: Indo-Aryan: Hindi (41) Usenet alt.languages.hindi - news: - Google Groups Usenet alt.language.hindi - news: - Google Groups ...

Type in Hindi Devanagri Unicode Keyboard - िहंदी ...
Unicode keyboard for IE4+, NS6+, Mozilla0.9, for Hindi, Devanagri, Devnagri, Official Indian Language - िहंदी कीबोर?ड िहंदी के कीबोर?रड पर ...

The Four Spiritual Laws - Hindi
More Resources in Hindi ] The Four Spiritual Laws was written by Dr. Bill Bright © 1965,1995 Campus Crusade for Christ. All Rights Reserved Internet version, including graphics, copyright © 1995 by ...

Hindi Bible
Taken from the Holy Bible Hindi OV To see this page properly download font from left navigation bar Hindi Bible | Malayalam Bible | Tamil Bible | KJV English Bible ASV Bible | HNV Bible | Darby Bible | ...

Southern Railway - Hindi - Home Page
Annual Programme 2004-2005 Tolic/Trichy Hindi Templates - Security Department - firefoxinhindi: index
Hindi: The huge Indian non-English speaking population will be able to use the Mozilla Firefox browser on providing localization support for Hindi. There already exists Hindi localization of the ...

IPL Kidspace: Say Hello to the World
Say Hello in the Hindi Language Click to hear how to say hello in Hindi! (To listen to sound files, you will need to download Real Audio Player .) "Hello, my name is Rani." English: Hello My name is Hindi: ...

What is Unicode? in Hindi
Hindi translation by eTranslate

Hindi Shusha Fonts, Downloads and Help
Hindi Shusha Fonts, Downloads and Help <Does your machine have Windows? If yes, Read on ...> <Write-up on "Hindi Shusha" in English? Yes, it is done with and for a purpose ...> Why Download Hindi Shusha ...

Commercial resources on Hindi

Hindi (?????? or ????? in Devanagari; pronunciation: /h?nd?i?/), an Indo-European language spoken mainly in northern and central India, is the official language of the Union government of India[1] [2].Hindi is also often considered as the National language of India, [3] although the Constitution of India does not nominate any language as the National Language. It is part of a dialect continuum of the Indic family, bounded on the northwest and west by Punjabi, Sindhi, Urdu, and Gujarati; on the south by Marathi; on the southeast by Oriya; on the east by Bengali; and on the north by Nepali.


What are the most spoken languages on earth?

All data is derived from UNESCO.


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