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Fon language resources

Fon is spoken on a daily basis in: Benin

Encyclopedia resources on Fon
List of languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Language Fon French Créole French ( Romance ) French Sign Language Frisian ( Germanic ) Friulian ( Romance ) Fulani Fur [ edit ] G Contents: Top - 0–9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Ga Gadaba Gafat Gagauz Galician ( Romance ) Gangte ...

Category:Niger-Congo language stubs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...language Fon language Fula language G Ga language Gen language Ghana Togo Mountain languages G cont. Ghotuo language Gikuyu language Gonja language Grusi languages Gur languages Gusii language H Haya language Herero ...

Ewe language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...from eastern Ghana to Western Nigeria. Other Gbe languages Fon and Aja . Like other Gbe languages, Ewe is a tonal language . Ewe is one of the better documented languages of Africa, partly due to the ...

Haitian Creole language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fon and Ewe / Anlo-Ewe . There are two dialects : Fablas and Plateau Haitian Creole . Since 1961 , Haitian ... Haitian Creole language edition of Wikipedia Haitian Creole dictionary UN Declaration of Human Rights in ...

Texting language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...language From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation , search "txt" redirects here. For the ... soz i 4gt 2 fon u.i c u 2moz The use of punctuation is limited. Only full-stops and exclamation ...

Gbe languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia between four and eight million. The most widely spoken Gbe language is Ewe (3 million speakers in Ghana and Togo ), followed by Fon (1.7 million, mainly in Benin ). The Gbe languages belong to the Kwa ...

List of ISO 639 codes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is sorted by language name in the third column. Two codes for special situations ( mul , "multiple ... fon   Fon fre/fra fr French français frm   French, Middle (ca. 1400 – 1600 ) fro   French, Old ( 842 –ca. ...

Yoruba - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...related groups to the northeast, and the Egun, Fon, and other Gbe-speaking peoples in the ... Although they share a common history and language, the various Yorùbá sub-groups created a common ...

List of languages by number of native speakers - Wikipedia, the free ...
8 million (all varieties) Fon Niger-Congo , Kwa National language of Benin Significant communities in Togo 1.7 million native (2000 Hoddenbagh), unknown number second language Swazi Niger-Congo , Bantu Official ...

Benin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...have their own languages, although French is the official language, which is spoken mostly in the cities. Of the indigenous languages, the Fon and Yoruba languages are most common. Indigenous religions ...

Academic resources on Fon
Fon People
Aside from the botchio figures, much of Fon art was commissioned by the royal court. Appliquéd cloths were used in the past as a sort of royal message board in the form of banners and wall hangings ...

Myths and Legends
...deities and legends, in both French and English (with a German version in the works). Ewe/Fon Mamaissi Dansi Hounon "Vivi" presents an article entitled West African Dahomean Vodoun: The Worlds ...

Peoples Resources
Fon Frafra Fulani Hausa Hemba Holoholo Ibibio Idoma Igbira Igbo Igbo Ukwu Ijo Kabre Karagwe Kassena Katana Kom Kongo Kota Kuba Kusu Kwahu Kwere Laka Lega Lobi Luba Luchazi Luluwa Lunda Luvale Lwalwa Maasai Makonde Mambila Mangbetu Manja ...

...fon This article submitted on 6/10/2002 at 10:04 PM. E-Mail Address : [email protected] Comments - Article complete. Click HERE to return to the Guest List Page.

punya's web
...hodgepodge, hotchpotch, jumble, confused medley - 509A Erickson Hall, East Lansing, MI 48824 Fon: 517.353.7211 Fax: 517.353.6393 Page contents © punya, 03, 04, 05 % Recordset1.Close() %>

African Studies Center | Benin Page
Fon/Fongbe This Web Site provides audio-files on Fon or Fongbe, the predominant language of Southern Benin (English Pronunciation ...

Maricopa County Community College District 1995-96 Course Equivalency Guide FON -FOOD & NUTRITION MARICOPA (MCCCD) ASU NAU UofA Course Credits Title FON100 (3) INTRODUCTORY NUTRITION FON100 E N SC101 FON100AA * (2) ...

Food and Nutrition (FON) Overview: Many courses are offered at SMCC and its other locations throughout the academic year and can be taken to upgrade current skills or fulfill degree and certificate ...

Fon Ceremonial Recade
...the Kings wisdom and royal speech. The lion is the royal animal associated with the 19th century Fon King Glele. ART HISTORY IN AFRICA Approximately 900 distinct cultures are found on the continent of ...

... Alliance for the Chesapeake Lower Shore Land Trust ...

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Government resources on Fon
CSREES - USDA - Funding Opportunities
Learn more about available or anticipated competitive grants or cooperative agreements here. For these funding opportunities, CSREES accepts applications from eligible ...

Forest Outreach Network slideshow - slide 1
This slideshow is brought to you by the Forest Outreach Network. Return to FON Home Scroll to view notes Slide 1 of 34 This slideshow is brought to you by the Forest Outreach Network, a collection of ...

CFTC Press Release 4745-03

Customer Protection
To ask a question, report information, or submit a complaint: Use our toll-free line (866) FON-CFTC (866-366-2382) Use our online complaint form for convenience Email us To learn more about the Reparations ...

Forest Outreach Network
The Forest Outreach Network represents a variety of organizations and agencies involved with the ... Educating to Conserve Private Forestland in King County, Washington King County is losing its private ...

Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County - Flavor of ...
1.3 mb-Cable/DSL 56k 968k Photo Credits and Thumbnails Audio credit for the Titans "Music City Miracle" "Titans game broadcast • 2000 Tennessee Football, LP. Used by permission. Metro Home | ...

AoA Homepage > About AoA
Skip Navigation Dept. of Health & Human Services Key Topics -- please select one - - - - -AoA Downloads -AoA Photos -Alzheimer's Disease -The Assistant Secretary -For Caregivers -Current Budget Info ...

12 noon - 8 p.m. Tuesday: 12 noon - 8 p.m. Wednesday: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. Thursday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Friday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. ...

Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County - Flavor of ...
1.3 mb-Cable/DSL 56k/AOL/WEB TV Photo Credits and Thumbnails Audio credit for the Titans "Music City Miracle" "Titans game broadcast • 2000 Tennessee Football, LP. Used by ...

".org" resources on Fon
Friends of Niger (FON)
Friends of Niger (FON) is a registered nonprofit corporation which supports activities related to Niger and its people. Click to receive e-mail when this page changes [ note ] •Powered by ChangeDetect ...

afon music
...fon explores sonic realms with unlimited freedom. freedom must be reached by sacrificing any reflection on questions of matter and style. all a-fon projects are matthias ...

Ontario Nature
Ontario Nature protects and restores natural habitats through research, education and conservation ... Proposed Greater Golden Horseshoe Growth Plan Major Step Forward Nature Conservancy of Canada and ...

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation Home Page
Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF) is a health research funder, devoted to strategic and applied research in the field of neurotrauma in Ontario ...
...and spelling for early learners Anything else you'd like to hear on fon e tiks? AMERICAN ENGLISH "f i n" "f i ne" "f ire " " v ine/ f ine" "I 'll /ai sle " "de s / ss ert" AUSTRALIAN ENGLISH "f i n" "f i ne" "f ire " ...

Free Online Pronunciation Guides with Instant Sound + Dictionary ...
...and spelling for early learners Anything else you'd like to hear on fon e tiks? AMERICAN ENGLISH "f i n" "f i ne" "f ire " " v ine/ f ine" "I 'll /ai sle " "de s / ss ert" AUSTRALIAN ENGLISH "f i n" "f i ne" "f ire " ...

Friends of Nature
Friends of Nature is a conservation Non-Governmental Organization preserving and promoting the sustainability of marine resources, islands, and cayes of Belize

National Geographic EdNet--Forces of Nature Educator Community
...and projects and get feedback. Events Keep current on deadlines and other important dates with the FON calendar. Showcase Here's the best of the best—event reports, projects and plans to be used as ...

F. O. N. O. M. The Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities
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Wendy's Blog: Legal Tags: FON: Wifi by community
The answer is YES -- blogs -- -- FON -- intrusive regulations -- Martin Varsavsky's -- bristling ...

Commercial resources on Fon

Fon (native name F?ngbe) is part of the Gbe language cluster and belongs to the Kwa sub-family of the Niger-Congo languages. Fon is spoken mainly in Benin by approximately 1.7 million speakers. Like the other Gbe languages, Fon is an isolating language with an SVO basic word order.


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