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Danish language resources

Danish is spoken on a daily basis in: Denmark, Norway

Encyclopedia resources on Danish
Danish language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...has more about this subject: Danish language All free Danish dictionaries Dictionary of the Danish Language "Speak Danish" 10 day intensive online course Ethnologue report for Danish Information on the ...

Norwegian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...came to be the dominating part, and Danish was eventually used as Norway's written language. Danish, a language since medieval times mostly influenced by Low German , came to be the primary language of ...

North Germanic languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...considered by some to be a separate language from both Danish and Swedish Beside the two official written norms of Norwegian, there exists two established unofficial norms: Riksmål , similar to, but more ...

Nynorsk - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...even more valid and exact in terms of spelling and grammar than Nynorsk as a Norwegian language without Danish influence. Nynorsk was originally intended to draw on all the dialects of Norway and ...

Danish people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
430,897 (2000 census) Greenland 3 :    6,500 (est) Language: Danish Religion: The vast majority of Danes are Lutherans . There are Atheist and Roman Catholic minorities Related ethnic groups: Norwegians , Swedes ...

Category:Pages containing IPA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...language Danish phonology Defaka User:Dennis Valeev Dental click Dental consonant Dental ejective Dental nasal Devan?garī Dgèrnésiais Dhivehi language Dholuo language Dhopadhola User:Diderot/Inuktitut Digraph ...

German language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...defined language area that is separated from its neighbors by language borders . These neighbors are: in the north Frisian and Danish ; in the east Polish , Sorbian , Czech , Slovak , and Hungarian ; in the ...

Denmark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia recognised as a protected minority language in the South Jutland area of Denmark. Danish is recognised as a protected minority language in the Schleswig-Holstein region of Germany . 3 Information for ...

Swedish language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Danish and Norwegian . Standard Swedish is the national language that evolved from the Central Swedish dialects in the 19th ... The Penguin Dictionary of Language ^   Pettersson (1996), pg. 151 ^   The ...

Category:Indo-European language stubs - Wikipedia, the free ...
...language Danish phonology Dardic languages Dauphinois Dialects of Italian Digor (idiom) Doric Greek Dramatic Prakrit Dzhidi language Dzūkian E Early Modern High German East Anglian English East Germanic languages ...

Academic resources on Danish
Yamada Language Center: Danish Language Web guide
Danish is taught at the University of Oregon by the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures . Our Scandinavian Culture links Links Search YLC Catalog Real Audio ...

The Danish History, Books I-IX
The Danish History, Books I-IX by Saxo Grammaticus ("Saxo the Learned") fl. Late 12th - Early 13th Century A.D. Online Medieval and Classical Library Release #28b Originally written in Latin in the early ...

Sounds of the World's Animals: Danish
Danish Bier summer: bzzz / summ summ . Fuglen kvidrer: pip . Katten mjaver: mjav . Kyllinger pipper: pip pip . Koen brøler: muh . Krager skriger: kra-kra . Gøgen kukker: kuk-kuk . Hunden gør: vov . Æslet skryder. ...

Soren Kierkegaard
...not well educated, is represented in his writings by the mother-tongue (Danish). Kierkegaard was deeply enamoured of the Danish language and worked throughout his writings to assert the strengths of ...

Danish American Heritage Society 4105 Stone Brooke Road Ames Iowa ...
Danish American Heritage Society 4105 Stone Brooke Road Ames Iowa 50010 mailto:[email protected] Danish Culture - Past and Present: The Last Two Hundred Years An International Conference sponsored by ...

Novell Web Services
Select a service and a language GroupWise WebAccess: Arabic Czech Danish German English Spanish Finnish French Hungarian Italian Hebrew Japanese Dutch Norwegian Polish Brazilian Portugese Russian Swedish ...

Welcome to the Index of Christian Art
...and Robert Metcalf Collection of Images of Stained Glass The Mills-Kronborg Collection of Danish Church Wall Paintings Bibliographies for the Study of Medieval Art Main Entrance Staff Entrance Welcome It ... Danish for English speakers to Danish pronunciation. Danish [diacritics] | [vowels] | [diphthongs] | [consonants] | [stress] | [bottom] As one of the three major Scandinavian ...

Novell Web Services
Danish Dutch English Finnish French German Hebrew Hungarian Italian Japanese Korean Norwegian Polish Russian Spanish Swedish © Copyright 1993-2005 Novell, Inc. All rights reserved

UCLA Language Materials Project - Index Page
Danish Dari Dutch Estonian Ewe Finnish Fula Georgian Greek, Modern Gujarati Haitian Creole Hausa Hawaiian Hebrew Hindi Hmong Hungarian Icelandic Igbo Ilocano Indonesian Inuit Italian Japanese Javanese Kannada Kashmiri Kazakh ...

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Government resources on Danish
CIA - The World Factbook -- Denmark
Royal Danish Army, Royal Danish Navy, Royal Danish Air Force, Home Guard (Hjemmevaernet) Military service age and obligation: 18 years of age for compulsory and volunteer military service ...

Bibliographies & Guides - Local History & Genealogy Reading Room ...
...and that situate Danish emigration within this context. The second section refers specifically to reasons for and means of Danish emigration to North ...

...other is Faeroese). In addition, there are about 50,000 Danish speakers in the portion of Germany bordering on Denmark, where it is officially ...

CIA - The World Factbook -- Virgin Islands
English and the other Danish. Sugarcane, produced by slave labor, drove the islands' economy during the 18th and early 19th centuries. In 1917, the US purchased the Danish portion, which had been in ...

Virgin Islands National Park (National Park Service)
...natural resources, add relics from the Pre-Colombian Amerindian Civilization, remains of the Danish Colonial Sugar Plantations, and reminders of African Slavery and the Subsistence Culture that ...

NASA - A Danish Perspective
Danish Perspective The site requires that JavaScripts be enabled in your browser. For instructions, click here + Text Only Site + Contact NASA + Home A Danish Perspective This astronaut photograph ...

Christiansted National Historic Site (National Park Service)
...historic structures: Fort Christiansvaern (1738), the Danish West India & Guinea Company Warehouse (1749), the Steeple Building (1753), Danish Custom House (1844), and the Scale House (1856). The ...

Denmark (08/05)
...wealth of cultural activity. The Royal Danish Ballet specializes in the work of the great Danish choreographer August Bournonville (1805-79). Danish dancers also feature regularly on the U.S. ballet ...

President and Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen Discuss G8, Africa
Office of the Press Secretary July 6, 2005 President and Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen Discuss G8, Africa Marienborg Kongens Lyngby, Denmark President's Remarks view 10:02 A.M. (Local) PRIME MINISTER ...

APOD Index - Nebulae: Supernova Remnants
...observations of these events in our own galaxy relatively rare. In fact, in 1572, the revered Danish astronomer, Tycho Brahe, witnessed one of the last to be seen. The remnant of this explosion is ...

".org" resources on Danish
Danish language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...has more about this subject: Danish language All free Danish dictionaries Dictionary of the Danish Language "Speak Danish" 10 day intensive online course Ethnologue report for Danish Information on the ...

Denmark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Danish sympathy for the Allied Cause was strong; 1,900 Danish Police Officers were arrested by the Gestapo and sent, under guard, to be interned in Buchenwald . After the war, Denmark became one of ...

Danish Museum Immigration, Culture Gifts Denmark Heritage
Danish Immigrant Museum, Cultural Center, Gifts, Elkhorn, Iowa, Denmark, Danmark, Julefest, Gifts, Cards, Culture, Flag, Shopping, Traditions, Heritage, Rebild, Geneaolgy, Events, Scandinavian ...

Royal Danish Consulate - Los Angeles
For Danish passport, Danish drivers' license and other consular matters, please make appointment prior to visiting the Consulate. If you are a citizen of Denmark in an emergency situation ...

DANISH Home Page
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Royal Danish Consulate, San Francisco
Danish Consulate One California Street, Suite 330 San Francisco, CA 94111, USA Phone: (415) 391-0100 Fax: (415) 391-0181 Consular Services H.C. Andersen Celebrations - read about the event in Petaluma ...
Danish · Dansk · Swedish · Magician · Denmark · Norwegian · Danish Design · Royal Copenhagen · Translation · Danish Furniture · Copenhagen · Pastry · History Books · Ministry · Organic · Electrical · ...

Danish Sisterhood of America
DANISH SISTERHOOD OF AMERICA The Danish Sisterhood was organized in 1883, in Negaunee, Michigan. Early lodges were organized to provide social and financial aid to fellow Danish countrymen in this ...
The Concise Danish Dictionary - is a collection of Danish words and information about them. If you use a reasonably new Linux distribution, it is very likely that it came with a copy of The ... - The Concise Danish Dictionary
The Concise Danish Dictionary - is a collection of Danish words and information about them. If you use a reasonably new Linux distribution, it is very likely that it came with a copy of The ...

Commercial resources on Danish

Danish (dansk) is one of the North Germanic languages (also called Scandinavian languages), a sub-group of the Germanic branch of the Indo-European languages. It is spoken by around 6 million people mainly in Denmark including some 50,000 people in the northern parts of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, where it holds the status of minority language. East Danish also holds official status and is a mandatory subject in school in the Danish autonomous territories of Greenland and the Faroe Islands, that now enjoy limited autonomy. In Iceland, which was a dominion of Denmark until 1944, east Danish is still the second foreign language taught in schools (although a few learn Swedish or Norwegian instead).

The language started diverging from the common ancestor language Proto Nordic sometime during the 5th century, where east Nordic, that will say Zealand, Scandia and what is now Sweden began to change vowels and diphthongs, while west Nordic, that will say Funen, Jutland and what is now Norway seem to have kept the old ones.

Up till the start of Nordic middle ages, thise two forms are called Old Nordic, and in a more Norwigian, Icelandic direction Old Norse (norrnt).

Next shift takes loosly place around 1300, and it's still mostly in east Nordic and east Danish - Datives goes out of use here, what there also means that the masculine case on words are dropped, and the feminine made into a sort of common, while oddly enough also a neuter remains.

Around 1840-70, are East Danish made into the official Danish language, and made the common standart - West Danish are still spoken, but within the last 3-5 generations has it lost most of it's old grammar, so it mostly remains as a mix of the two forms - The old grammar are forbiden to use on official documents etc. and generally looked down upon, as a sort of hill billy thing - Dictonaries generally do not provide west Danish words or grammar - Also are Danish now regarded as east Nordic, even tho this only fully rest on a political ground, and a mayor lack of knowledge, as most Danes are taught that west Danish are corrupted Danish, what lacks more than just a bit of truth, as west Danish as such have keept most of the old words and grammar of the tw.

Modern spoken Danish is characterized by a very strong tendency of reduction of many sounds making it particularly difficult for foreigners to understand and properly master, not just by reputation but by sheer phonetic reality, tho also noteworthy is that while west Danish no longer exist in a written form, it remains in spoken usage, what there can make it hard to follow, if one only know the limited grammar of East Danish.


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