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Albanian language resources

Albanian is spoken on a daily basis in: Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Yugoslavia

Encyclopedia resources on Albanian
Albanian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Albanian language edition of Wikipedia English - Albanian Dictionary Albanian - English Dictionary : from Webster's Online Dictionary - the Rosetta Edition. An overview of the Albanian language and culture ...

Albanians - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...are still considered Albanian by ethnic origin or descent. Non-Albanians who studied the Albanian language include prominent individuals such as Franz Bopp and Norbert Jokl . [ edit ] Religion Since the ...

Albanian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
From or related to Albania . The Albanian language When used to denote a person, it can either denote an inhabitant of Albania or an ethnic Albanian. See: Albanians . This is a disambiguation page — a ...

Category:Languages of Turkey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There are 2 subcategories to this category. A Albanian language G Georgian language Articles in category "Languages of Turkey" There are 28 articles in this section of this category. A Abaza language Abkhaz ...

Category:Pages containing IPA - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...language Albanian language Algonquin language Altay language Alutor language Alveolar approximant Alveolar consonant Alveolar ejective Alveolar ejective fricative Alveolar lateral approximant Alveolar lateral ...

Poet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List of Albanian language poets List of Afrikaans language poets List of Arabic language poets List of Catalan language poets List of Chinese language poets List of Dutch language poets List of English ...

Albania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Over 600,000 Albanian immigrants have emigrated to Greece since 1991 . The language is Albanian , although Greek is also spoken by the Greek minority in the southern regions of the country. Since the ...

Balkan linguistic union - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Romanian, Greek, Bulgarian, Albanian. For example, "I see George" in Balkan languages: Language Example Albanian " I shikoj Gjergjin" Bulgarian "Виждам го Георги." (coloquial form; see note) ...

Indo-European languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...possibly close to Dacian. Dacian language — possibly close to Thracian and Albanian. Ancient Macedonian language — probably related to Greek, others propose relation to Ilyrian, Thracian or Phrygian. ...

Romanian language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia About 300 words found only in Romanian (in all dialects) or with a cognate in the Albanian language may be inherited from Dacian, many of them being related to pastoral life (for example: balaur ...

Academic resources on Albanian
Yamada Language Center: Albanian WWW Guide
Direct Telnet to the MUD. Albanian Home Page - info about countries (including maps and a virtual tour), culture, history, news and the Albanian - News ...

Albanian Club of America at - News
BYU chapter of ALBANIAN CLUB is dedicated to maintaining a strong, unified Albanian community. To provide an atmosphere of love and service for all who participate in the Albanian Club. To ...

Myths and Legends
Ray Porter has written an article on Vlad Tepes the historical Dracula. Albanian Kreshnik Bejko presents The Home of the Albanian Kreshniks - a page dealing with Albanian Folklore. British and Celtic ...

CBA: Centers & Special Programs » Center for Albanian Studies
Restructuring Albanian Business Education Infrastructure" by Dr. Sang Lee (23k PDF) Participating Universities University of Nebraska University of Korca University of Shkodra University of Tirana ...

Breeds of Livestock - Albanian Horse
Albanian The Albanian is a small horse belonging to the Balkan group. There are two types of native Albanian horse, which are referred to as Mountain and Myzeqea (plains). In recent years ...

Marlboro College
...that international studies at Marlboro can mean total immersion. Sokol Shtylla Bringing his Albanian roots into international diplomacy. © Marlboro College | Marlboro, Vermont | 802.257.4333 ...

Nationbuilding in the Balkans
The origins of the Albanian people are not definitely known, but data drawn from history and from linguistic, archaeological, and anthropological studies have led to the ...

Nationbuilding in the Balkans
Professor Perritt's interview with Fokusi, November, 2005: Albanian English Professor Perritt's op-ed piece, "Kosova needs its voices to be heard" -- Kosova ...

Rule of Law Through Technology : Level 4 Page
Eighteen: Transitory and Final Dispositions Approved by the Albanian Parliament on 21 October 1998 and voted upon in a referendum by the Citizens of Albania on 22 ...

REENIC: Albania
Internet searching tools (search engines, directories, etc.) Albanian Resources (from Albania-info, an excellent directory of internet sites related to Albania; categories include: Media ...

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Government resources on Albanian
FCIC - Multilanguage Gateway
When you click on these links, you will be leaving our website, so don’t forget to bookmark us. Albanian Arabic Armenian Cambodian Cantonese Chinese Dutch Farsi French German Greek Haitian-Creole Hebrew Hindi Hmong ...

CIA - The World Factbook -- Albania
...the Albanian Government calls for the protection of the rights of ethnic Albanians in neighboring countries, and the peaceful resolution of interethnic disputes; some ethnic Albanian groups in ...

Albanian was proved to be an Indo-European language in the 1850s. It is thought to have derived from languages spoken in southeastern Europe two thousand years ago. Albanian does not belong to ...

Albania: Country Studies - Federal Research Division, Library of ...
Barbarian Invasions and the Middle Ages The Albanian Lands Under Ottoman Domination, 1385-1876 The Ottoman Conquest of Albania Albanians ...

MedlinePlus: Tuberculosis
National Women's Health Information Center) Other Languages Tuberculosis Information - Albanian: Informacion Per Tuberkulozin (1) (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) - In Albanian Tuberculosis ...

University of Richmond T.C. Williams School of Law) in English and Albanian EXECUTIVE Presideni i Republikës së Shqipërisë - in Albanian with English Ministry ...

The Albanian government considers any person in Albania of Albanian parents to be an Albanian citizen. In addition to being subject to all Albanian laws affecting U.S ...

Congressman Eliot L. Engel (NY17) - Press Release - ENGEL LEADS ...
Meltz 202-225-2464 For release: May 14, 2003 ENGEL LEADS MEETING WITH ALBANIAN DEFENSE MINISTER Albanian Issues Caucus Discusses Expanding American Support for Albania Members of Congress Thank Albania ...

Congressman Eliot L. Engel (NY17) - Press Release - ENGEL CALLS UPON ...
PRESIDENT TO URGE GOVERNMENT OF MACEDONIA TO ADDRESS CONCERNS OF ALBANIAN CITIZENS Meets With Albanian Prime Minister Ilir Meta Washington, D.C. - Today, Rep. Eliot Engel called upon President Bush ...

Press Availability With Albanian Acting Foreign Minister Hajdaraga
Press Availability With Albanian Acting Foreign Minister Hajdaraga Marc Grossman, Under Secretary for Political Affairs Tirana, Albania November 6, 2003 ACTING FOREIGN MINISTER HAJDARAGA : Today I have ...

".org" resources on Albanian
Albania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...not verified) Feja e Shqiptarit eshte Shqiptaria ( Albanian : The Religion of the Albanians is "Albanianism" (Lit.)- a.k.a. Religious Tolerant) Anthem : Hymni i Flamurit Capital Tirana 41°20′ N 19°48 ...

National Albanian American Council
All you need to know about Albanian American Council Home About Us Board of Trustees Activities & Links Contact Us Sunday 12/11/2005 Home Welcome to the Official Website of the National Albanian American ...

Welcome to :: An Albanian Immigrant and Cultural Resource
The Frosina Information Network is a leading source of information and services for Albanian and non-Albanian communities. FIND OUT MORE > A whole new look! Visit our message boards and find the ...

Margarita's Albanian Menu
Margarita's Afghani Recipes< An Albanian Menu International Recipes [email protected] I must confess that before hitting this, the second stop in my international culinary adventure, I had never given much ...

Association of Albanian Girls and Women: Home Page
...humanitarian organization assisting victims of human trafficking in Albania. AAGW Association of Albanian Girls and Women Created by and for Victims of Human Trafficking Map AAGW Home Make a Donation Who We ...

Splash Screen Template 1
Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA) Information about ATA Last item received January 2000 News December 1999 News November 1999 News October 1999 News September 1999 News August 1999 News July 1999 News June 1999 ...

Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA)
Albanian Telegraphic Agency (ATA) Information about ATA Last item received January 2000 News December 1999 News November 1999 News October 1999 News September 1999 News August 1999 News July 1999 News June 1999 ...

Albanian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
When used to denote a person, it can either denote an inhabitant of Albania or an ethnic Albanian. See: Albanians . This is a disambiguation page — a list of articles associated with the same title. If ...

SEELRC : The Slavic and East European Language Resource Center
Case and Aspect Books WEBLIOGRAPHIES Pick a language --------- Albanian Armenian Belarusian Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian Bulgarian Czech Georgian Greek Hungarian Macedonian Polish Romanian Russian Slovak Slovenian Turkish ...

Albanian Chevening Alumni
Albanian Chevening Alumni News Articles Calendar Forum Links Downloads Pictures Polls Welcome Menu Main page News Articles Downloads Pictures Calendar Tags Community Guestbook Forum Events Polls Links ...

Commercial resources on Albanian

Albanian (gjuha shqipe IPA /'?u?ha '?ci?p?/) is a language spoken by over 6 million people, primarily in Albania, Serbia including Kosovo, Greece, Montenegro, and the Republic of Macedonia but also in other parts of the Balkans, along the eastern coast of Italy and in Sicily, as well as by a significant diaspora in Scandinavia, Germany, Greece, Italy, the UK, Egypt, Australia, Turkey, and the USA. The language forms its own distinct branch of the Indo-European language family.


What are the most spoken languages on earth?

All data is derived from UNESCO.


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