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Akan language resources

Akan is spoken on a daily basis in: Ghana

Encyclopedia resources on Akan
Main Page - Wikipedia
...enie. Akan kase eguahoro na yeka sa kasa yie wo oman Ghana . Here is Twi , a variety of the Akan language spoken in Ghana. There are currently 5 articles in Twi. Nana . Eye dina Akanfuo de fre ohene Do you ...

Category:Niger-Congo language stubs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...language Akan languages Anlo Ewe Atlantic-Congo languages B Baga Binari language Baga languages Bamun language Bangala language Bantoid languages Baoulé language Basaa language Bemba language Benue-Congo ...

Malay language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...language From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation , search Not to be confused with the ... Saya sayang akan kamu I love you (in a more of a family or affectionate sort of love. e.g.: mother ...

List of languages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia More structured lists are also available: Language families and languages ISO 639 List of languages ... Akan Akawaio ( Carib ) Akkadian ( Semitic ) (extinct) Aklanon Albanian Aleut ( Eskimo-Aleut ) Algonquin Alemán ...

Wikipedia:Babel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia contact someone who speaks a certain language. The idea originated on the Wikimedia Commons and ... Akan (Akan) 1.5 als - Alemannisch (Alemannic German) 1.6 am - አማርኛ (Amharic) 1.7 an - Aragonés ...

Nafaanra language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...enough also an outlier to its own family. Southeast and south of Nafaanra and Ligbi, the Akan language Abron (or Bron, Brong) is spoken. The Nafana people live in the north-west corner of the Brong-Ahafo ...

Newbie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...are numerous and common in Internet use, particularly in the Internet language Leet . Contents 1 Semantics 2 Discouraging newbies 3 Encouraging newbies 4 Newb vs. noob 5 U.S. Navy Usage 6 Likely etymology of n00b 7 ...

African American Vernacular English - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Distinctive patterns of language usage among African slaves and, later, blacks arose out of the need ... Akan , Kimbundu , Bambara and other languages) developed pidgins (simplified mixtures of two or more ...

List of ISO 639 codes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is sorted by language name in the third column. Two codes for special situations ( mul , "multiple ... Akan akk   Akkadian alb / sqi sq Albanian Shqip ale   Aleut alg   Algonquian languages tut   Altaic (Other) amh am ...

Main Page - Wikipedia
...kasafua (?) anaa "letters" tse de "oo" na "ee" no onnyi ha. [ edit ] This is the Akan language Wikipedia. If you speak Akan, or any Akan dialects (Akwapim, Asante, Fante, Twi, etc.), please click "edit" and ...

Academic resources on Akan
Akan Cultural Symbols Project Title Page
Welcome to the Akan symbols project home page. This symbol is the Fihankra. It represents a traditional Akan house built around a central courtyard. Visit our virtual house and learn more ...
Most probably you are one of those desperate surfers looking for info on the “akan? language. Unfortunately Akan is my name thus you are on the wrong page. Bye Bye…. Are you still here? Man I ...

Akan's Web Page
Most probably you are one of those desperate surfers looking for info on the “akan? language. Unfortunately Akan is my name thus you are on the wrong page. Bye Bye…. Are you still here? Man I ...

Akan Cloth Symbols

kasahorow - Akan nsɛmfuaasekyerɛ
This is a multilingual search of the dictionary. Your search term could be the Standard Akan spelling; the Twi spelling; the Fante spelling; the English synonym; a phrase in the entry’s meaning ...

Akan Wood Carving Symbols

Akan Cosmology
AKAN COSMOLOGY AKAN CULTURAL SYMBOLS PROJECT © G. F. Kojo Arthur and Robert Rowe - 1998-2001 Hye anhye - Unburnable The Akan believe that the universe was created by a Supreme Being ...

Akan Adinkra Cloth Symbols

Akan People
...through archaeological methods are still produced in modified form among Akan peoples today. The rise of the early Akan centralized states can be traced to the 13th century, and is likely related to ...

A. Osman Akan, CEE, ODU
Osman Akan, Information on Faculty and Staff, ----------------------------------------------------- Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Kaufman Hall Room 135, College of ...

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Government resources on Akan
CIA - The World Factbook -- Ghana African 98.5% (major tribes - Akan 44%, Moshi-Dagomba 16%, Ewe 13%, Ga 8%, Gurma 3%, Yoruba 1%), European and other 1.5% (1998) Religions: Christian 63%, Muslim 16%, indigenous beliefs 21 ...

Library of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies ...
The family in Akan society Adae Akan sacred day. According to the traditional lunar calendar, an Adae day occurs every fortnight. Asafo Traditional Akan men's association and originally fighting ...

CIA - The World Factbook -- Niger
Not until 1993, 33 years after independence from France, did Niger hold its first free and open elections. A 1995 peace accord ended a five-year Tuareg insurgency in the north. Coups in 1996 and 1999 ...

Ghana : Country Studies - Federal Research Division, Library of ...
Akan Group The Ewe The Guan The Peoples of the North The Ga ...

MARC Code List for Languages
...the language and a dialect of that language have their own unique codes. For example, Akan has the code aka , and Twi, a dialect of Akan, has the code twi . Go to top of document NAMES OF ...

Ivory Coast : Country Studies - Federal Research Division, Library of ...
Akan Lagoon Cultures West Atlantic Cultures Kru The Southern Mandé Mandé ...

USAID/Indonesia :: Tsunami Response :: The U.S. and Indonesia Begin ...
Proyek ini tidak hanya akan menghubungkan satu tempat dengan tempat yang lain – namun juga akan menghubungkan masyarakat. Jalan ini akan menjadi jalan menuju ke pemulihan ...

ISO 639-2/RA Change Notice - Codes for the representation of names of ...
Akan akan 1999 Add av ** ava Avaric avar 1999 Add bm ** bam Bambara bambara 1999 Add cr ** cre Cree cree 1999 Add dv ** div Divehi maldivien 1999 Add ee ** ewe Ewe éwé 1999 Add ff ** ful Fulah peul 1999 Add ig ** ibo Igbo igbo 1999 Add kg ** kon ...

Population of Côte d'Ivoire Islam or Christianity). Languages : French (official), five principal local language groups (Akan, Krou, southern Mande, northern Maande, and Voltaic) with many dialects. Education : Compulsory to age ...

CIA - The World Factbook -- Cote d'Ivoire
Akan 42.1%, Voltaiques or Gur 17.6%, Northern Mandes 16.5%, Krous 11%, Southern Mandes 10%, other 2.8% (includes 130,000 Lebanese and 14,000 French) (1998) Religions: Christian 20-30%, Muslim 35 ...

".org" resources on Akan
The African Experience of God through the Eyes of an Akan Woman, by ...
The African Experience of God through the Eyes of an Akan Woman, by Mercy Amba, an article in Cross Currents, the journal of the Association for Religion and Intellectual Life. THE AFRICAN EXPERIENCE ...

Forty Days; The Akan Calendar Akan dialects; this may be evidence of a common origin of at least some cultural elements. The worship by the Akan of what were once Guan gods also leads one to suspect that Akan is a culture that ...

Studies among the Akan of West Africa; Community, History, Society ... a copy of a short note about the Akan calendar, and evidence of an earlier six day week, used by the Guan who once lived where the Akan do now, combined with a seven day week (apparently from ...

AKAN Spirituality
...and healing. This project is designed to impart information regarding the practice of the Akan Akom Tradition in America. A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF THE TRADITIONAL AKAN RELIGION A BRIEF HISTORY OF AKANS ...

Urban Migration and Rural Identity; An Ethnography of An Akan ...
Urban Migration and Rural Identity; An Ethnography of an Akan Community, Obo, Ghana Dissertation * Abstract . ... The dissertation was produced as an ethnographic approach of the study of cyclical migration ...

Faith Comes by Hearing: Bible Recordings
Akan: Akuapem Akan: Asante Amharic Arabic Armenian, Western ...

MFA Boston: Exhibition: West African Gold: Akan Regalia from the ...
...west african gold: akan regalia from the glassell collection West African Gold: Akan Regalia from the Glassell Collection Wednesday, November 2, 2005 - Sunday, March 26, 2006 Printable View This ...

Akan Kwawu Housing
...were used for domestic housing several centuries ago, they are now, and apparently as long as the Akan have lived in Kwawu, used as shrines of the gods, not for domestic accommodation. .. . .. Round ...

Akan Language Writing Guide - africaThink.GhanaThink.Org
...thought the idea of offering to download and install the Akan alternate keyboard is to be able to change the letters so we can write in akan. What I find frustrating is that the boxes and sometimes ...

The Culture of Ghana - Akan History and Asanti People
Rooted in Ancient Akan Society Akan, a "pure" heritage, is one of the most ancient cultures in Africa. These African people live predominately in the countries of Ghana and Ivory Coast with many ...

Commercial resources on Akan
Twi language edition of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Akan language(s) edition of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, the most famous Akan speaker. His name "Kofi" means he was a boy born on a Friday.
Akan languages are those languages belonging to the Kwa language family spoken in Ghana and the Cte d'Ivoire:
Agona Ahafo Akan Twi Akuapem Twi Asante Twi (Ashanti) Fante (Fanti, Mfantse) Akyem (Akyem Bosome) Andoh Anyi Asen Atti Baule Brong Chakosi Dankyira Guang Kwahu Nzema Sefwi

Also, Akan is itself the name of a major Ghanaian language spoken comprising these dialects:
Twi - Both the Akuapem and Asante (Ashanti) dialects Fante (Fanti, Mfantse)
These variants all have written forms. In terms of numbers of speakers Brong should be included also but never has been laid down in written form. The Bureau of Ghanian languages compiled a 20,000-word list of a unified orthography for these three variants which is not in widespread use yet. Also exist the adinkra symbols, old ideograms. The Akan language is one of the primary government-sponsored languages in Ghana. It is written in the Roman alphabet.

The language came to South America, notably Suriname, with the slaves. Escaped slaves in the interior of Suriname still use a form of this language, including the custom of naming children the day of the week that they were born e.g. Kwasi (for a boy) or Kwasiba (girl) born on a Sunday. In Suriname also the Anansi spider stories are well known.

According to work done by P K Agbedor of CASAS, Mfantse and Twi (together known as Akan) belong to Cluster 1 of the speech forms of Ghana. Clusters are defined by the level of mutual intelligibility. The Abron(Bono) and Wasa dialects are considered part of this cluster.

Cluster 1 comprises:
Akan (Niger-Congo Atlantic Congo Volta Congo Kwa Nyo Potou-Tano Tano Central) Abron (Niger-Congo Atlantic Congo Volta Congo Kwa Nyo Potou-Tano Tano Central Akan) Wasa (Niger-Congo Atlantic Congo Volta Congo Kwa Nyo Potou-Tano Tano Central Akan).
Cluster 1 may better be named r-Akan (mainly Twi, Fante, Akuapem, Akyem, Wasa, Bono, Asen, Akwamu, Kwahu spoken mainly in Ghana, parts of Togo) which do not explicitly have the letter l in their original proper use. On the other hand l-Akan, refers to the Akan cluster comprising Nzema, Baule, and other dialects spoken mainly in the Ivory Coast, whose use of the letter r in proper usage is very rare.


What are the most spoken languages on earth?

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