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Afrikaans language resources

Afrikaans is spoken on a daily basis in: South Africa, Botswana

Encyclopedia resources on Afrikaans
Afrikaans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...over the past three centuries, it still shares 85 per cent of its vocabulary with that language, and Afrikaans speakers are able to learn Dutch within a comparatively short amount of time. Native ...

Afrikaner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia around 5-7% of Afrikaner origins. The Afrikaans language changed over time from the Dutch spoken by the first white settlers at the Cape. From the late 17th century, the form of Dutch spoken at ...

Dutch language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...governments coordinate their language activities in the Nederlandse Taalunie (' Dutch Language Union '). Afrikaans is an official language in South Africa. Of the inhabitants of New Zealand, 0.7% say ...

Category:Languages of South Africa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There are 32 articles in this section of this category. Languages of South Africa / /Xam language A Afrikaans Afrikaans grammar F Fanagalo J Ju languages K Kaapse Afrikaans Korana language Kxoe language M Manyika ...

English language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
First language: about 380 million Second language: 150–1,000 million  Ranking : 3 or 4 as a native ... related living languages include Dutch , Afrikaans , German , Plattdüütsch and the Scandinavian ...

Language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which they are manipulated. The word language is also used to refer to the whole phenomenon of ... Afrikaans Alemannisch العربية Asturianu Azərbaycan Bân-lâm-gú Българ?ки Bosanski Català ...

German language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Afrikaans , spoken primarily in the Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa; Plattdüütsch includes ... Grammar of the German Language (1904, 1922) — the most complete and authoritative work in English ...

Main Page - Wikipedia
...language list - Afrikaans - Elsässisch - ‮العربية‬ (Araby) - (Asamiya) - Asturian - Aymara - Azeri - - Belarussian - (Balgarski) - Bengali - བོད་ས?ད་ (Tibetan) - Bosanski - Català - ...

Programming language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
...language enables a programmer to precisely specify (but see Genetic Programming ) what data a ... Afrikaans العربية Българ?ки Català Česky Dansk Deutsch Eesti Ελληνικά Español ...

Main Page - Wikipedia
...language list -- Afar - Abkhazian - Afrikaans - Elsässisch - አማርኛ - العربية - অসমীয়া - Aymar - Azərbaycan - Башҡорт - Белару?ка? - Българ?ки - ...

Academic resources on Afrikaans
YLC - The Yamada Language Center, University of Oregon
Can't find it? Afrikaans Links Huis der Nederlanden - Cultural center for Dutch, Flemish, Afrikaans, based in Cape Town Afrikaans (a brief introduction in English) The Human-Languages Page - a great source of ...

A Web of On-line Dictionaries
The Web's most comprehensive index of on-line dictionaries for about 200 languages. The site is maintained by Robert Beard of the alphaDICTIONARY site in Lewisburg, PA.

Afrikaans Afrikaans is a language spoken in southern Africa, primarily in South Africa, Zimbabwae, and Namibia. Lots of cool information about Afrikaans is going to go here, but for now, let it be known ...

Adventist Churches Online: Languages
SDA Church Pages of Many Languages! Afrikaans Language SDA Church Pages South Africa Gezina SDA Church - Pretoria, South Africa Magaliessig SDA Church - Magaliessig, South Africa Pretoria Sentraal SDA ...

Learn Afrikaans Online (for free) at
Learn Afrikaans Online at ( By Dr. Jacques du Plessis, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin ...

The Translation Guide - MT-Grid
Afrikaans Select Language Pair Afrikaans > English Swahili > English Tswana > English English > Afrikaans ...

UCLA Language Materials Project - Index Page
...language, material type, and level from the menus below. Select a Language All Languages Afrikaans Albanian Amharic Arabic, Algerian Arabic, Chadian Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Iraqi Arabic, Jordanian Arabic ...

Learn Afrikaans Online (for free) at
Wil jy Afrikaans leer?) This site is a prime resource to learn Afrikaans online. The content developer, Dr. Jacques du Plessis, has over 20 years of experience teaching Afrikaans as a foreign language ...

Learn Afrikaans Online (for free) at
Learn Afrikaans Online at ( By Dr. Jacques du Plessis, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin ...

Learn Afrikaans Online (for free) at
Learn Afrikaans Online at ( By Dr. Jacques du Plessis, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin ...

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Government resources on Afrikaans
...and Namibia of whom 1,000,000 are native Afrikaans/English bilinguals. 4,000,000 in South Africa use it as a second or third language. Afrikaans is the first language of approximately ...

South Africa : Country Studies - Federal Research Division, Library of ...
Afrikaans Speakers Afrikaners "Coloureds" English Speakers "Europeans" Asians Khoisan Religion Historical ...

Initial Definite and Indefinite Articles (Library of Congress)
Afrikaans, German, Yiddish dos Yiddish e Norwegian 'e Frisian een Dutch eene Dutch egy Hungarian ei Norwegian ein German, Norwegian, Walloon eine German einem German einen German einer German eines German eit Norwegian el Catalan ...

CHID: Detailed Search
Afrikaans Albanian Amharic Arabic Armenian Austrian (German) Azerbaijani Belorussian Bengali Bohemian (Czech) Bosnian Braille text Bulgarian Burmese Cambodian Cantonese (Chinese) Cape Verdean Creole Chinese (Cantonese ...

Languages - what we translate to and from. Language Translation.
...language or dialect that is not listed below, please contact us. A to G H to P R to Z Afrikaans Language Amharic Language Arabic Language Armenian Language Assamese Language Azerbaijani Language Baltic ...

December - The Indo European Language Family; Germanic, Slavic and ...
...and the Western Hemisphere.…. more - > Afrikaans - Afrikaans is a West Germanic language spoken by 6,200,000 in South Africa ...

Language Listing
Aboriginal Languages of Australia German Oromo Afrikaans Greek Papuan Languages Albanian Gujarati Pashto Amharic Hausa Punjabi Arabic (Egyptian) ...

CIA - The World Factbook -- South Africa
3%, unspecified 1.4%, none 15.1% (2001 census) Languages: IsiZulu 23.8%, IsiXhosa 17.6%, Afrikaans 13.3%, Sepedi 9.4%, English 8.2%, Setswana 8.2%, Sesotho 7.9%, Xitsonga 4.4%, other 7.2% (2001 ...

CIA - The World Factbook -- Namibia
Lutheran 50% at least), indigenous beliefs 10% to 20% Languages: English 7% (official), Afrikaans common language of most of the population and about 60% of the white population, German 32 ...

Foreign Newspapers Currently Received - Newspaper and Current ...
Middle East & North Africa Language: Show All Languages Afrikaans Albanian Arabic ...

".org" resources on Afrikaans
Afrikaans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Afrikaans are softer; Afrikaans is a more gutteral accent and sounds harsher in speech than Dutch. Additionally, the grammar and spelling in Afrikaans is a lot simpler than that of Dutch. Afrikaans ...

Open Directory - World: Afrikaans
...only in World/Afrikaans Top : World : Afrikaans (636) Description Besigheid (24) Gesondheid (10) Inkopies (4) Kuns (38) Naslaan (50) Nuus (49) Ontspanning (46) Rekenaars (34) Samelewing (239) Sport (5) Streke (99) ...

Open Directory - World: Afrikaans: Kuns
...only in Afrikaans/Kuns Top : World : Afrikaans : Kuns (38) Description Feeste @ (11) Fotografie (3) Grafika (1) Letterkunde (13) Musiek (10) Skilderkuns (3) Verhoogkuns (6) This category in other languages: ...

Open Directory - World: Afrikaans: Streke
...only in Afrikaans/Streke Top : World : Afrikaans : Streke (99) Afrika (99) Suid-Afrika @ (99) This category in other languages: Albanian (88) Arabic (1,033) Armenian (82) Asturian (12) Azerbaijani (254) ...

Open Directory - World: Afrikaans: Nuus
...only in Afrikaans/Nuus Top : World : Afrikaans : Nuus (49) Description Koerante (12) Radio (8) Televisie (4) Tydskrifte (9) e-Koerante (2) e-Tydskrifte (11) Nuusbriewe (2) Persvrystellings (0) Vaktydskrifte (1) See ...

Open Directory - World: Afrikaans: Tuis
...only in Afrikaans/Tuis Top : World : Afrikaans : Tuis (30) Gesinswerwe (24) Kos (5) Persoonlike werwe @ (43) This category in other languages: Azerbaijani (0) Bosnian (3) Bulgarian (5) Chinese Simplified ...

Browse By Language: Afrikaans - Project Gutenberg
Met tekeninge van J.H. Pierneef (Afrikaans) Web site copyright © 2003-2005 Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation — All Rights Reserved. Most recently updated: 2005-11-06 21:07:06 .

Jesus Who? Homepage - Learn about Jesus of Nazareth, obtain ...
Consider the life of Jesus Christ in these languages: Afrikaans Arabic, Egypt Arabic, Jordan Arabic, Lebanon Arabic, North Africa ...

Awesome Library - English
Afrikaans-English Dictionary (Free Dictionary) Translates English words into Afrikaans and translates Afrikaans words into English. 6-00 News News in Afrikaans ( Provides news in ... placeholder page
This is a placeholder page for the domain The old index page is here . It's time to cut back on my hobbies and projects and stuff.

Commercial resources on Afrikaans

Afrikaans is a Low Franconian language mainly spoken in South Africa and Namibia with smaller numbers of speakers in Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Zambia. Due to the emigration of many Afrikaners, there are an additional estimated 300,000 Afrikaans-speakers in the United Kingdom[citation needed], with other substantial communities found in Perth, Australia; Toronto, Canada; and Auckland, New Zealand. It is the primary language used by two related ethnic groups: the Afrikaners and the Coloureds or kleurlinge / bruinmense (including Basters, Cape Malays and Griqua). These two groups are collectively known as Afrikaanses, roughly meaning "the language community of Afrikaans-speakers". It is also spoken as a first language by many Tswana people in South Africa's North West Province.

Some Afrikaans speakers do not consider themselves either Afrikaners or Coloureds, but simply Afrikaans-speaking South African.[citation needed] Geographically, the Afrikaans language is the majority language of the western one-third of South Africa (Northern and Western Cape, spoken at home by 69% and 58%, respectively). It is also the largest first language in the adjacent southern one-third of Namibia (Hardap and Karas, where it is the first language of 43% and 41%, respectively). It is the most widely used second language throughout both of these countries for the population as a whole, although the younger generation has better proficiency in English.

The name Afrikaans is simply the Dutch word for African, i.e. the African form of the Dutch language. The dialect became known as "Cape Dutch". Later, Afrikaans was sometimes also referred to as "African Dutch" or "Kitchen Dutch", although some now consider these terms pejorative. Afrikaans was considered a Dutch dialect until the late 19th century, when it began to be recognised as a distinct language, and it gained equal status with Dutch and English as an official language in South Africa in 1925. Dutch remained an official language until the new 1961 constitution finally stipulated the two official languages in South Africa to be Afrikaans and English (although, curiously, the 1961 constitution still had a sub-clause stipulating that the word "Afrikaans" was also meant to be referring to the Dutch language). The 1925 decision led Dutch to enter disuse and be replaced by Afrikaans for all purposes.

There are basically three dialects, of which the northeastern variant (which developed into a literary language in the Transvaal) forms the basis of the written standard. Within the Dutch-speaking zones of the Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname, there is greater divergence among the dialects than there is between standard Dutch and standard Afrikaans. Although Afrikaans knows some typical Hollandic tones, there particularly exist striking similarities between Afrikaans and Zeeuws (the dialect of the Zeeland province of the Netherlands which has also similarities with West Flemish). Zeeland is a coastal province of the Netherlands and most of the Dutch spoken in former Dutch colonies is very much influenced by Zeeuws/the Zeeland dialect as many people from Zeeland were involved in The Netherlands' emperial/colonial expansion.

It was originally the dialect that developed among the Afrikaner Protestant settlers and the indentured or slave workforce brought to the Cape area in southwestern South Africa by the Dutch East India Company (Dutch: Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie VOC, Afrikaans: Nederlandse Oos-Indiese Kompanjie - NOIK) between 1652 and 1705. A relative majority of these first settlers were from the United Provinces (now Netherlands), though there were also many from Germany, a considerable number from France, and some from Norway, Portugal, Scotland, and various other countries. The indentured workers and slaves were South Indians, Malays, and Malagasy in addition to the indigenous Khoi and Bushmen.


What are the most spoken languages on earth?

All data is derived from UNESCO.


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